realme presenta la ricarica a 240W: è la più veloce al mondo thumbnail

realme presents the 240W charging: it is the fastest in the world

realme presents 240W charging: it's the fastest in the world thumbnail

realme announced today that the new GT Neo5, the flagship of the brand presented today, will support fast charging at 240W. This is the fastest charging in the world according to the USB Type-C standard which, in addition to the GT Neo5, will also be present on the upcoming realme GT 3. realme GT Neo5 also features a transparent RGB lighting system on the back, a unique formula in the sector that represents the perfect mix between design and technological innovation.

realme GT Neo5 and GT 3 will support 240W charging

Over the years realme had accustomed us to smartphones with fast charging. A constant search, by the brand, for the latest technologies. The result is now represented by the fastest charging in the world in the smartphone segment with the USB Type-C standard. Recharging a smartphone at 240W means having a recharge 10 times faster than the best charging standards of 8 years ago. To get an idea of ​​the phenomenon, it is enough for us to know that realme GT Neo5, with just 30 seconds of charging, can support two hours of continuous phone calls. GT Neo5 also features the world’s first 12A custom charging cable and the world’s first dual 240W GaN mini-charger.

The battery of realme GT Neo5 features 4600mAh 10C ultra-thin electrodes. It is also the first smartphone with a charging power of more than 200W to be certified by MOT Rhineland on battery longevity. It offers over 80% battery capacity after 1600 charge cycles, double the market standard. The certification also includes over 60 levels of protection to ensure a completely safe charging system.

realme GT Neo5 240W is available today for the Chinese market in 16+256GB and 16GB+1TB versions. Instead, we await the announcement of the new GT 3.

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