Recensione Legolas: Action Figure (LOTR) by Diamond Select

In this review we will analyze the Legolas action figure, coming from the world of “Lord of The Rings” and produced by Diamond Select Toys, in this review

And here we are finally back in Middle-earth thanks to Diamond Select Toys. After a picnic in the Shire and a picnic in Mordor, we are ready to go to Arda. Well yes, after analyzing both the action figure of the protagonist Frodo Baggins and that of the terrible Nazgûl, we are ready for a new triptych of reviews that, this time, will see as the protagonist Legolas Thranduilion.

This figure is part of the “Series 1” dedicated to “Lord of The Rings” and produced by Diamond Select. The company was inspired by the film saga to recreate the most iconic characters 1:10 scale. Let’s start, as always, by seeing the sales package, up to the analysis of the actual figure!

The Packaging – Legolas Review: Action Figure (LOTR) by Diamond Select

The packaging is completely identical to the two models we have already analyzed, except for the images on the back.


In addition toiconic arch and the three arrows, as you can see, the figure includes both the leg than arm right, which will serve to build the antagonist Sauron in “Build-A-Figure” version. We will not dwell on the latter as the dedicated review will arrive.

As you can see, Legolas’ two elven daggers are absent. This is a fairly significant lack since, as we will see later, the figure presents the two empty sheaths, as if they had been forgotten in the production phase.

La figure – Recensione Legolas: Action Figure (LOTR) by Diamond Select

The Legolas action figure is made entirely of PVC and boasts aheight of about 18.3cm. As you can see from the photos, it sculpt is really well done, mostly with regard to the face, but also with regard to equipment and clothing. And indeed it is the resemblance to Orlando Bloom (the actor who plays the elf) to be the point that most impressed us. Even the painting is not bad. Various shades run through both the dress and the boots up to the face, hands and even her blond hair.

The figure presents another error besides the absence of the daggers. The hands, indeed, they are done wrong. While in the film saga Legolas holds the bow with the left and the arrow with the right, here the left hand presents the fingers separated in order to support the arrow, while the right is half closed. In reality, the head is also initially pointed to the left, just as the hair is sculpted so that the figure looks in that direction. Nothing that a little heat can’t fix, mind you, but it’s as if there was a problem with the design.

Posabilità – Recensione Legolas: Action Figure (LOTR) by Diamond Select

Again, nothing surprising. In addition to having no double joints, the various joints are very limited by the sculpture, such as those at the knees. Not even the joint on the chest can solve much. In general, the poses that can be achieved are very few, also due to the limited supply of accessories.

Let’s sum it up

Like the others, this Legolas action figure produced by Diamond Select Toys also enjoys a quite reasonable price. You can easily find it from € 30.00 to € 40.00. This is one of the main reasons that might tempt you to buy it. Figures from “The Lord of the Rings” are very rare and, especially if we consider the low end, the market is almost empty.

This Legolas figure is not surprising and presents a number of problems. It is also true that this is Diamond Select’s first attempt at bringing a series of products from the saga in the form of collectibles, so there is plenty of room for improvement.

In general, we recommend it if you decide to complete your collection, or in case you want to assemble Sauron. We advise against it, instead, in case you are undecided whether to buy it as a “unique piece”. This is because the sculpture is not bad and, indeed, the resemblance to the actor is remarkable; however, we would expect a hypothetical next version free from the various problems listed.

Points in favor

  • Similarity to the actor
  • Painting rich in nuances

Points against

  • The elven daggers are missing
  • Some design problems
  • Very limited joints
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