Huawei: HiSilicon chips will return to the market

Huawei is suffering like never before from the United States’ adversity towards it. This is the news that the site has reported the merit of the difficulties revealed by the Chinese giant on the smartphone market and on the comprehensive value of the company that at the moment has been deprived of a fundamental component: the chips.

Not being able to have its own production lines, Huawei had to rely on third parties, in particular TMSC, but given the US sanctions, the relationship with the Taiwanese company has made it practically impossible.

How did Huawei try to react then? At the beginning he took a step back, even if this attempt, “evolved” then in the Qualcomm chips did not give great results, due to the lack of 5G support, only to find a new way to try to move forward: that of investing in the Chinese semiconductor industry by keeping the HiSilicon Division internally, which for its part has continued to focus on chip design.

And in fact, all the efforts made have led to results. Some time ago Huawei released a teaser in which it announced its intention to return to the market with advanced tools. A series of information shared with customers, users, the general public: on which new details and answers should arrive soon.

The movements “in detail” of Huawei

PitchBook in turn reported that the Chinese group has only moved in its investments in the last few months, after it previously stated that it had lost almost a third of revenue in 2021 due to the sanctions imposed by the States.

Huawei did not disclose the amounts of millions of dollars invested, but according to the Tianyacha database, which tracks the movements of Chinese companies, the movement of money would involve tens of millions of dollars.

Now we wait to see if the maneuver will find a positive and fortunate development. In fact, in China technological self-sufficiency, in particular that linked to chips, is one of the national “missions”, but in the past a high number of projects focused on these things have often failed due to the complexity of the processes. We will see in the coming months what the developments of the affair involving Huawei will be.

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