Record-breaking Gamescom 2021: over 13 million viewers

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On August 25, 2021, Gamescom took place 100% digitally for the second consecutive time. The largest European video game fair has once again brought many news and notable announcements during the three days it took place in Cologne, Germany. According to official data, More than 13 million live viewers watched the entire gamescom 2021 schedule, a record 30% higher than in 2020.

Gamescom 2021 record: the spectators were more than 13 million

This year, more than 13 million users watched Gamescom’s entire program live, which is 30% more than the previous year. 5.8 million people tuned in at this year’s opening ceremony, with as many as two 2 million spectators in attendance at the same time as the peak.

The show also pleased in terms of quality: AAA blockbuster trailers alternated with longer gameplay sessions and in-depth interviews with studio guests. To make matters worse, Gamescom: Opening Night Live was broadcast simultaneously in over 1,500 co-streams in a wide variety of languages, numbers up 25% compared to 2020.

In addition to the large number of spectators, official figures show that, the community donated a total of almost 7,000 euros to the gamescom forest, allowing this sustainability initiative to continue to grow at a steady pace.

It also seems that games presented as part of the gamescom 2021 have found a particular interest from viewers In fact this year over a million fans have visited the gamescom festival on Steam set up for the event. Overall, therefore, an increase of 43% was observed compared to the previous year.

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