Red Bull Factions: dilettanti e pro-player si sfidano a League of Legends thumbnail

Red Bull Factions continues after the Open Qualifier phase

Red Bull Factions continues after the Open Qualifier thumbnail phase

Following the Open Qualifiers phase, which took place on 29 and 30 September, the competition Red Bull Factions continues with the challenges between professionals and amateurs on League of Legends. The tournament, sponsored by Red Bull and PG Esports, now pits Open Qualifiers and professional teams from the latest PG Nationals against each other.

Among the sponsors of the competition also Acerin the guise of technological partner, that provides first-rate hardware for gamers, always guaranteeing an uncompromising gaming experience.

Red Bull Factions: i team qualificati

The teams that will compete in this new phase are:

  • Away From Normal
  • Clover Asylum
  • P11 Esports,
  • Proving Grounds
  • Chilling Cats
  • LOGIN Esports
  • Holy Ghost E-Sports
  • Yotoru Academy
  • Underworld eSports

The latter two teams will compete at 9pm today – October 6, 2022 – live on RedbullIT’s Twitch channel. To accompany the challenges, there will be guests of honor and beloved casters like KenRhen e Terrain, Moonboywhich has been in charge of the PG Nationals and the League Championship Series since 2019. And then againEtrurian e Juannettentered among the casters of PG Esports through the talent bootcamp of 2021, but already known in the esports world for his collaboration with Outplayed and events of the Italian grassroot scene.

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