Red Bull gives streamers wings with the talent show dedicated to them

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Red Bull launches a new Twitch format for streamers with a challenge to the last viewer. On the jury and under the management of GabboDSQ, accompanied by actor Salvatore Esposito and rapper Jake La Furia.

Red Bull’s new initiative to support emerging streamers

Officially started on 11 March, Stream if you can is Red Bull’s new format on Twitch that aims to challenge aspiring streamers. Registrations are still open for a few days (until March 15) and the contest will be conducted by the player of the RedBull team GabboDSQ. The competitors – in total 10 – will have to face challenges and tests like a real talent show broadcast live on the RedBullIT Twitch channel. The initiative was born in collaboration with Melagoodo Crew with the aim of finding new talent in the world of streaming. What should the new web star have? The press release explains in detail the requirements for Stream If You Can:

“The ideal candidate will have to possess multifaceted skills: the expertise in the gaming and esports world is fundamental, but it will also take entertainer quality to involve the community.” The lucky ones who will be selected will battle in challenges that span various areas. One of these will be on video games (in the presence of the actor Salvatore Esposito, hoping he doesn’t decide to take on the role of Genni Savastano). There will also be one musical rehearsal with Jake La Furia, one of the best known rappers of the Italian hip hop scene. Candidates will then have to contend with a sports test it’s a english challenge. On the other hand Twitchè an international stage. In the latter case, it will be up to them to judge their abilities Sonia Cristoforibetter known on the web as Sonia Candy.

GabboDSQ will be the official host of Stream If You Can

To register, simply fill out the form at this link.

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