Red Bull OP: the new format that tests streamers

Red Bull OP: il nuovo format che mette alla prova gli streamer

The schedule of the Twitch RedBullIT channel grows with a new program designed to discover all the secrets of the true champions of video games, from Cydonia to Edoardo Jannone. It starts today at 16:00 with Sabaku, to continue on alternate Tuesdays with many other guests

Il gaming world it is so much wide and varied that exist passionate and experienced of any kind. From the tactical to shooter, from roleplaying to battle royale. And for each of these there is no shortage of championthose who fully understand the mechanics of the game so as to be able to define themselves as true gurus of their favorite saga.

And it is to discover their secrets, the tricks up their sleeves, and put them to the test that the new format is born TwitchRed Bull OP“. On alternate Tuesdays, from 16:00, Marco Mottura and Simone “Vking” Larivera, they will invite the host of the episode to prove that he really lives up to his fame, subjecting him to extremely difficult challenges, in search of the secrets that have made them reference points on the web for fans.

Red Bull OP: the new format that tests streamers

First appointment set for today

The first date set for today, June 21stis dedicated to those who love so-called titles soulslikea sub-genre that has gathered many fans and counts among its best-known exponents a recent videogame success, Elden Ring. And what better expert on soulslike than those who have built a career in it.

Michele “Sabaku no Maiku” Poggi, will be the first guest of Red Bull OP, ready to tell the public all the details discovered on the complex plot of the latest title of From Software. His test will consist in overturning the classic approach to the video game with a race against time in which he will have to defeat the greatest number of bosses in the shortest possible time.

Second episode, on July 5th

The second episode, scheduled for 5 Julyit will completely change register and see GabboDSQ compared with Edoardo Jannoneyoutuber from Bergamo passionate about motors and video games and who shares his passions with the public from his channels YouTube e Twitch.

Edoardo was involved because he is a great expert on Grand Touring 7the latest installment in the series that blew up the racing game genre on consoles, by doing fall in love with millions of fans since the days of prima PlayStation.

His test will consist in a very tough concentration challenge: in the middle of a race at the last braking point, Edoardo will have to simultaneously answer questions extracted from the driving license quizzes. Will he be able to cross the finish line in the lead with less than three errors?

Red Bull OP: the new format that tests streamers

Third episode, scheduled for July 19

And still there third episode, scheduled for July 19will host the greatest expert on the incredible universe of Pokémon, Francesco “Cydonia” Cilurzowhich will show how much he knows about pocket monsters with Pokémon Rossoa game that has left an indelible mark on the memory of millions of children around the world.

The title, chosen from among the numerous of lucky franchise to show the capabilities of Cydonia, represents a real blast from the past. His challenge will consist in complete the game in under an houra real speedrun in the name of nostalgia.

The alternation of talent and challenges will continue without pause until the end of the year, between challenges, curiosities, anecdotes and behind the scenes of the video games most loved by fans. To find out how the schedule will develop and be sure not to miss a single episode, just follow the Twitch RedBullIT channel.

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