Red Dead Redemption debutta su Nintendo Switch e PS4 con Undead Nightmare

Red Dead Redemption debutta su Nintendo Switch e PS4 con Undead Nightmare thumbnail

The epic western-themed adventures of Red Dead Redemption with the expansion pack “Undead Nightmare“, both coming for the first time on Nintendo Switch e PlayStation 4. Here are all the news.

Red Dead Redemption per la prima volta su Nintendo Switch e PS4 con Undead Nightmare

Rockstar Games has announced the return of one of the most beloved video games ever with the horror episode “Undead Nightmare”, which will be available in only one package for both Nintendo Switch and PS4. Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare will be released on August 17th for both consoles, thanks to the new conversion of Double Eleven Studios. The two versions combine these classic experiences for all players on modern consoles, thanks to backwards compatibility on PlayStation 5.

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Winner of over 170 prize, including Game of the Year, Red Dead Redemption is one of the most critically acclaimed titles. In an epic western setting, the game tells the story of theformer outlaw John Marston and his journey to the boundless lands of the American West and Mexico. John must find the last members of the old Van der Linde gang to try and save his family. A captivating campaign, to be relived by fans or to immerse yourself in for the first time.

What’s new in the Nintendo Switch and PS4 versions

Red Dead Redemption per Nintendo Switch e PlayStation 4 include anche l’expansion pack Undead Nightmare. L’episodio rivede il mondo di Red Dead Redemption in chiave survival horror, where Marston must fight against hordes of unstoppable zombies. Survival and the search for a cure will be at the heart of the episode, in a supernatural addition to the western campaign.

The new versions of the game include, in addition to the single player experience, for the first time also new languages: Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and Latin American Spanish.

Red Dead Redemption e Undead Nightmare saranno available on PlayStation Store and Nintendo Switch eShop from August 17th. The release of the physical versions, however, is expected for October 13, 2023.

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