Redmagic 7 Pro review: a super gaming smartphone

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Redmagic 7 Pro is one smartphone da gaming, that is a mobile device that was created for the most demanding gamers. This means that it focuses very, very heavily on performance, betraying its vocation with a particularly aggressive aesthetic and very generous dimensions, essential to make room for all the internal components, including the additional chip.
How does it behave in the field? We tell you about it in this review.

The Redmagic 7 Pro review

Redmagic 7 Pro is available in two different colors: Obsidian and Supernova. The first is more classic, with a body that alternates gray and black while maintaining a combative look. The second, which we have been able to use for a couple of weeks, is undoubtedly a bit more tamarro, with a play of transparencies that enhances the RGB fan which we find immediately under the body.

The performance

Performance is undoubtedly the strong point of this Redmagic 7 Pro, which relies on the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1flanked by 16GB of RAM and 256 or 512GB of internal memory.
We also have on board an additional chip called Red Core 1 and that supports the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. They perform different functions: graphics and framerates are still managed by the Qualcomm CPU while the Red Core 1 takes care of audio processing, RGB LEDs and haptic feedback. All this for relieve the Snapdragon of tasks that can be performed by the second chip to ensure that there are more resources available for games and appsili, thus improving the overall efficiency of the system.

Redmagic 7 Pro RGB fan review

It also carries out a fundamental job the cooling systemwith 9 layers of different materials, an internal design that promotes air circulation e the RGB fan, which you can activate manually using a simple widget. However, be aware that fan nois not particularly quiet but, in our opinion, this won’t be a problem 90% of the time. This is because you will hardly find yourself playing in an extremely quiet environment. On the contrary, it is likely that your gaming sessions will involve the use of the two speakers with DTS: X Ultra Surround certification or the connection of a pair of headphones, both wireless and wired given the welcome presence of the 3.5 jack. mm.

Remagic 7 Pro recensione switch

On the software front we have Android 12 with the interface Redmagic OS 5.0customized and equipped with a series of additional features dedicated to players.
First of all on the side we find a red switch that activates the Game Space, a hub that allows you to quickly launch your games by focusing solely on them. While playing, in fact, a double swipe is enough to access a whole series of settings. You can see the status of the CPU, switch usage modes, block calls and access messaging apps, including Discord.
There are two triggers on the right side of the device that you can bind – via software – to different commands in different games. Know that they can be useful but you have to get used to them.
Then there are other features such as Smart play The neo Speedwhich use artificial intelligence to boost your user experience, while Super Screen it allows both to capture a screen and to record a video of the screen on the fly.
In short, the integrations are really many and strongly focused on the gaming world.

Redmagic 7 Pro trigger review

Connectivity is also top notch. We have Wifi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC, GPS and the USB-C connector, with the possibility of connecting the smartphone to a TV and monitor to play on even larger screens.

Redmagic 7 Pro review: the display

Redmagic 7 Pro if you present with a 6.8-inch AMOLED display with FullHD + resolution.
The refresh rate can be set to 60, 90 by 120 Hz. But remember that the higher it is, the more battery consumption increases.

The settings menu also allows you to change color mode choosing the one that best suits your needs. You have 5 presets available: Normal, Vivid, Natural, P3 Color Gamut and sRGB Color Gamut. You can also define the screen temperature choosing from Default, Warm, Cool or Customize.
All in all the user experience is excellent, with bright colors, deep blacks and an excellent level of immersion.

We also point out the presence of the fingerprint reader below the display, which is also used the heart rate measurement.


The front camera is also under the screen, which is therefore completely invisible. The sensor is 16 megapixel, with the possibility of recording videos in FullHD at 60 fps. The yield is average, with the choice of hiding the sensor that increases the immersion of the display but adds a sort of patina to your selfies.

Redmagic 7 Pro fotocamera

The rear camera on the other hand has 3 sensors: the main 64-megapixel, the 8-megapixel ultra-wide angle and a 2-megapixel macro. Here you have the possibility to shoot videos even in 8K but the result is not very fluid. Our suggestion is to stick to 4K or FullHD.
Here too the shots are discreet in conditions of good light. But remember that we are dealing with a smartphone born for gaming so Nubia, which is the manufacturer of the device, has preferred to focus on other aspects.


The battery is 5,000mAh with support for fast charging at 65W.
with average use brings you peacefully to the end of the day. Obviously if you play several hours in a row it will need a boost before the evening.

The Redmagic 7 Pro review: conclusions

Redmagic 7 Pro recensione display

Redmagic 7 Pro is a gaming smartphone and respects all the characteristics of a smartphone of this kind. So it has great performance, lots of video game-related features, a screen that does justice to any title, and a somewhat aggressive look.
Pay attention to the weight – 235 grams – and to the dimensions, which are important and therefore not suitable for carrying in your pocket.
But it does what it promises: gives a high-level gaming experience to fans.
If you are looking for a high-end gaming smartphone, it could undoubtedly meet your needs.


  • Good build quality
  • Excellent performance
  • Excellent cooling system
  • Large and immersive display


  • Camera a little subdued
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