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Reels can be downloaded on Instagram: here’s how

News from the world of Instagram: the social platform allows you to scaricare i Reels, following the example of TikTok. This way you can keep the videos on your phone and share them outside the application.

Instagram allows you to download Reels

It’s been years since TikTok Reels can be downloaded. This feature has finally arrived on Instagram, wanted by the CEO Adam Mosseri. For now, the download is only available in the United States for initial testing.

It is not known if there is some kind of watermark in the Reel at the time of download. In any case, the image posted by Mosseri shows the logo of Instagram, as well as the name of the account that posted the video itself.

How to download Reels on Instagram

Downloading a Reel on the social platform seems to be very simple and fast. Just click on the settings of the video itself and press on downloadoption that appears immediately.

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News coming to Instagram in 2023

One feature that all users have been waiting for, especially content creators, is just the search bar in Stories. Based on what has been reported, it seems that Instagram has started testing the search bar in Stories.

The bar contains the wording seek viewers and therefore gives the possibility to type the name of a person and see if he has viewed the Story. Thanks to this function, it will no longer be necessary to scroll through the list of names that have viewed the Story, making the search process much easier and faster. There is currently no information on when this type of feature will be released.

Zoom in on other people’s Stories

It must have happened to everyone to scroll through the Stories and see a small and interesting detail that remains so because Instagram has never given the possibility to zoom in on other users’ Stories. Instead, it seems that this feature will be introduced, although it is not yet known when. According to some sources, Zuckerberg’s app is already working on this feature. So far, you can only zoom in on photos and videos in your feed.

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