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Retrosuperfuture and Razer present the all-new Razersuperfuture

Retrosuperfuture and Razer join forces to launch their brand new Razersuperfuture. The exclusive model of sunglasses is the expression of gaming that meets fashion

Razer, the global leader in lifestyle gaming, and Retrosuperfuture (RSF) announce an exciting new partnership. Let’s talk about Razersuperfuture, curated by D-CAVE, the lifestyle space of the metaverse. This is Razer’s first partnership in the fashion eyewear industry and marks RSF’s entry into the gaming scene. This is the natural consequence of the exclusive positioning of the brand, at the forefront of the contemporary streetwear market.

Retrosuperfuture and Razer present the all-new Razersuperfuture

Details on the new Razersuperfuture from Retrosuperfuture and Razer

The “Razersuperfuture” is an exclusive model of sunglasses designed to merge the Italian craftsmanship of Retrosuperfuture with Razer’s iconic design aesthetic. The mask silhouette is inspired by sportswear with urban streetwear vibes. This model features acetate rims and temples, on which a large lens is mounted that offers total coverage and protection from the sun. A unique high-tech photochromic lens has also been applied to ensure they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Plus, a layer of blue light protection has been added for comfort during extended gaming sessions.

Statements regarding the new Razersuperfuture from Retrosuperfuture and Razer

Razer is no stranger to the world of fashion, having partnered with renowned brands in the industry and launched its own apparel lines,

says Addie Tan, Associate Director of Business Development at Razer. Which goes on to state:

We are thrilled to collaborate with Retrosuperfuture in the creation of our first eyewear, to dress gamers for every occasion, from gaming sessions to their daily activities.

Daniel BeckermanCEO and founder of Retrosuperfuture declares:

From the union of Retrosuperfuture and Razer comes this model of glasses that embodies the best of gaming and fashion,

then adding:

The result is a harmonious mix of style and function, technical glasses that are not only elegant but also made to withstand intense gaming sessions.

To make this model unique and celebrate the exclusive collaboration, the Razer slogan “For Gamers. By Gamers”. Each model will be uniquely serialized on the right outer temple. Then, it’s rounded off by Razer’s iconic acid green logo. D-CAVE, consumer marketplace of digital and physical wearables, took care of the trick. As well as a community for the “digital savvy” which aims to become the reference lifestyle space for the new Web 3.0 audience. With this collaboration he intends to affirm the convergence of gaming culture in today’s fashion, further positioning it at the center of contemporary pop culture. It is a testament to the impact of gaming on the cultural and fashion scene. Razersuperfuture exemplifies the merging of both worlds.

Gaming and fashion

Gaming and fashion have always been our passion and we are thrilled to curate this partnership between two world-class brands such as Razer and RSF,

Stefano Rosso explainsco-founder and CEO of D-CAVE.

We believe that gaming and Web 3.0 will change the world for the next generations and our role is to be there to facilitate and enhance the best lifestyle projects for these new digital communities.

The limited edition glasses will be available from 5 May 2023 at a price of €249 exclusively on Razer.com and select Retrosuperfuture retail outlets.

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