Return to Monkey Island is out today: now you can play

Return to Monkey Island, ecco il trailer gameplay thumbnail

5 months after the announcement that made fans dream of the iconic videogame franchise of the 90s, today – September 19th – is the big day: Return to Monkey Island officially arrives on PC and Nintendo Switch. The new chapter is signed by Ron Gilbertcreator of the original title, which only adds to the hype around the title.

The game will arrive digitally at different times on Steam (for PC) and on Nintendo Switch (on the official console store). In addition to the times, the two games will have slightly different characteristics, but the price will remain unchanged.

Release times and features: what you need to know about Return to Monkey Island

The release for PC took place a few minutes ago, at 17:00 Italian. The game is therefore already available on Steam at this address. Switch users will instead have to wait an extra hour, as the title will arrive for hours 18:00.

Both digital versions cost 22,99€, with a small difference in size. The game on the Switch it will weigh 5GB, while on PC only 4GB. Those who have made the pre-order will also benefit from the Horse Armor, a cosmetic element that will not affect the gameplay.

The new chapter is a direct sequel to The Secret of Monkey Island e Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge. However, in an interview with The Verge, Gilbert e Dave Grossman have hinted that the title may also include elements from other games in the series. The couple had also revealed that the events will resume from the ending of Monkey Island 2. Despite the release of three other subsequent chapters, it will then restart from the game released in 1991, with that emblematic final scene.