Review Animal Crossing: New Horizons DLC Happy Home Paradise

Here is the review of the new (and unique) Animal Crossing DLC: New Horizons, Happy Home Paradise: let’s discover the features and news!

On November 5, Animal Crossing: New Horizons released to the public the long-awaited (and unique, according to Nintendo) DLC, Happy Home Paradise: here, then, is ours review. The title would seem to recall the previous chapter for 3Ds Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. Indeed, the NPC Casimira comes precisely from that game, but the similarities end there: if in fact HHD was considered a title rather static e repetitive (as well as being one standalone not connected with other Animal Crossing chapters), the DLC of the hugely popular Switch game (of which we have already written a review and a guide of the new 2.0 update) adds some pretty interesting features to the main game. So let’s find out, with our review, what will be found in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise.

Welcome to the archipelago! Casimira and Casimira Vacanze

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise DLC review can only start from the beginning: our character will be contacted by Tom Nook, and we will meet him at the airport of our island. The dear raccoon will not be alone: ​​with him there will be an otter, Casimira, who will tell us that he plans to open an agency for holiday houses and that she needs someone to give her a hand. Now we can select the option “i want to go to work“From the airport menu to head towards thearchipelago, seat of the Casimira Holidays.

The team is made up of our character, Casimira, the manatee Gedeone and the little monkey Gilbertuccio. Everyone has different tasks in the agency, but the main task will be ours: we will have to talk to customers on the beach and offer them a totally personalized holiday home.

Recensione Animal Crossing: New Horizons DLC Happy Home Paradise

Furnishing Vacation Rentals – Animal Crossing Review: New Horizons DLC Happy Home Paradise

The main feature is precisely the ability to furnish the holiday homes of the villagers. Just tell Casimira that you want to work, then look for a client on the beach (or in the structures, which we will talk about later). Once you have found a possible “buyer”, you will start talking to him to understand what he wants in his holiday home: usually, the villager has two or three obligatory furnishings that we will have to insert by force, for the rest we will have White paper on the whole.

This very high customization is the real strength of this DLC: no constraint of materials as in the main game, only our creativity as a limit. It will in fact be possible to furnish both theexternal that theindoor of the house, with plants, insects and furniture (everything will unlock as you progress through the game). House after house, the number of furnishings available will also increase (including those exclusive to the DLC).

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Exclusive furniture, walls and columns – Animal Crossing Review: New Horizons DLC Happy Home Paradise

In our review of the Happy Home Paradise DLC of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a small analysis of the new furniture and knick-knacks cannot be missing: they will in fact be available for purchase in the agency’s headquarters, and will change every day (as in Timmy and Tommy’s shop). The currency on the island is the poki, which after a few furnished houses it will be possible to convert into stars. Poki will be given to us every time we complete a structure, furnish a house or renovate it. In addition, Gilbertuccio will give us the scheme for the column, the walls additional and i separators, which we can also use in our home on the main island.

The furnishings introduced in this DLC can also be found in the form of DIY scheme daily in a bottle to be found on the beach (as on the main island, or on the islands visited thanks to Nook miles); these furnishings will also include the necessary materialsedera e i bright mosses, which will grow daily on the agency’s island.

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The structures and the story mode

The story mode of the DLC is relatively short, considering that there is no daily limit of houses that can be furnished. Occasionally Casimira will tell us that it will be available to furnish one on the agency’s island structure to attract tourists. The facilities are all over five (the school, the restaurant, the coffee shop, the hospital and the boutique) and will be introduced as we proceed with the vacation rentals.

Only the colors of the exterior will be customizable, but the interior will be totally at our disposal. The furniture used in the structures will then be available to furnish the houses. Once the structures are finished there will be a special event which will sanction the end of the story mode, but we will still be able to go on with the holiday homes, even those of the villagers of our island.

Recensione Animal Crossing: New Horizons DLC Happy Home Paradise

Let’s sum it up!

This DLC doesn’t offer just one new story, but this same story ties in perfectly with the main game. Renovating the villagers’ houses (internal and external) allows us to have the island of our dreams regardless of the inhabitant and the new furniture, walls and columns are furnishing elements that will become essential for our home and ours Island. The new “social” channel ofAcademy of Fine Homes, then, it allows us to share the holiday homes that we have furnished with the other players, thus being able to take inspiration from them and perhaps inspire them with our creations. The only flaw could be there speed with which this DLC takes place, given the absence of a limit of houses that can be furnished daily.

And you? What do you think of this review, are you playing this Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Happy Home Paradise DLC too? Let us know! Remember to follow for the latest news in the sector, and for unmissable offers on video games and similar, visit Instant Gaming!

Furnishing homes has never been so fun!

Points in favor

  • New furniture and knick-knacks
  • Possibility of furnishing holiday homes in total freedom
  • Introduction of facilities such as the school and the restaurant to be furnished
  • New (and old) NPCs

Points against

  • Relatively short story mode
  • Fairly repetitive gameplay