Review Aukey Bluetooth TWS EP-T21S headphones: unpretentious

In this review we talk about Aukey EP-T21S, a pair of TWS Bluetooth headphones that you can take home at a very low price. But what quality will they be like? Let’s find out together

By now, TWS Bluetooth headphones have become a de facto standard. Until a few years ago, the threads that twist in your bag or pocket were the morning nightmare that made you lose at least ten minutes. The convenience of wireless headphones it is undeniable, especially if they are to be used on the move. But also at home: we can cook, clean, play sports without hindering the thread, leaving our device where we like best. By now the quality of the Bluetooth connection and the life of the built-in batteries is enough to enjoy several hours of music and entertainment. The TWS Bluetooth headset revolution has touched the entire market with models in all price ranges, but today we are dealing with a fairly cheap product, the Aukey EP-T21S. How will they behave in the most common usage scenarios such as listening to musicals, movies, video games and phone calls? Let’s see our analysis together.

Review Aukey Bluetooth TWS EP-T21S headphones: unpretentious

Features Review Aukey Bluetooth Headphones TWS EP-T21S

These Aukey TWS EP-T21S earphones are characterized by a Bluetooth 5.0 connection which allows a range of up to 10 meters and a quick coupling. As soon as the case is opened and the headphones are removed, they automatically connect to the first available device nearby. The range is really good and you won’t have to worry about changing rooms. Pairing with new devices is immediate. From the point of view of connectivity absolutely excellent. Only one headset can be used at a time. The headphones they are equipped with a single microphone, so the noise suppression is only passive and fairly average: you will be able to concentrate on your music, without being 100% isolated.

The product is made of plastic, not of the highest quality, but in this range it is just fine. There is also IPX6 waterproof certification which will allow you to safely use these Bluetooth headphones in the pouring rain and even in the shower with a little attention – they are not underwater headphones though. THE touch controls (Play / Pause, previous / next track, answer / reject call and call voice assistance, unfortunately no volume control) are very sensitive and allow you to use the Aukey TWS EP-T21S headphones even under a headband or a thin fleece hat. Perhaps even too sensitive since if you touch a headset to fix it, for example, you will end up activating some command. Fortunately they are quite stable and there are 3 different types of rubber pads to adapt to different lobes. The built-in battery lasts 5-6 hours on average, but with the case you get about 30 hours of playback before having to recharge everything via USB-C (cable supplied). The level of battery charge is indicated by 4 LEDs on the case, while for the internal one it will be enough to go and see in the connected device.

Review Aukey Bluetooth TWS EP-T21S headphones: unpretentious

Audio quality Review Aukey Bluetooth Headphones TWS EP-T21S

From a technical point of view, the Aukey Bluetooth TWS EP-T21S headphones have a good excursion and they cover both the lows and the highs well. The whole dynamic range is not very high and therefore with complex sounds, composed of heterogeneous tones headphones tend to go into crisis, mixing the sound. The most annoying thing is though a kind of background hum which is felt very well at low frequencies or in any case in the case of soft sounds such as some classical music pieces, the thing instead becomes imperceptible with more full-bodied pieces. We also found an imbalance of the earphones to the right and therefore stereo reproduction and spatiality are affected. The mids, those where the human voice usually resides, are reproduced very well, as are the highs. The bass, on the other hand, sometimes puts these Bluetooth headsets in difficulty, especially when paired with other tones.

Definitely for listening to unpretentious music these headphones Aukey headphones can do, but in terms of absolute quality you pay for what you get. If you are a purist and you like to listen to complex pieces, looking for individual nuances, look for other products. They are headphones suitable for the general public, for those who love to listen to music for leisure. To the ear of the average user, the sound will certainly appear acceptable and pleasant.

Review Aukey Bluetooth TWS EP-T21S headphones: unpretentious

Movies and video games Review Aukey Bluetooth Headphones TWS EP-T21S

Let’s move on to using it for watching movies, TV series and for playing games. Obviously this is a non-optimized product, with a non-perfect insulation but they perform very well in some typical scenarios. The voices of the characters are well reproduced and despite a slight imbalance the sound is quite enveloping even if you shouldn’t expect a Dolby Surround-like effect. For gaming, similar considerations are worth, we add that the detail in reproducing the bullet shots or the rustle of plants is good.

Unfortunately these Aukey Bluetooth TWS EP-T21S headphones however, they go into crisis with the powerful and complex sounds such as explosions or important soundtracks from an epic scene when the protagonist begins to beat the villain. So for action movies it could actually be a problem, but also in some video games where there is no shortage of explosions and powerful soundtracks.

Review Aukey Bluetooth TWS EP-T21S headphones: unpretentious

Calls and video calls | Review Aukey Bluetooth Headphones TWS EP-T21S

The built-in microphone it works very well and the voice on call is heard good. Unfortunately, however, if you are going to use them in a noisy environment such as a restaurant, a fair and crowded places in general, the interlocutor will hear almost all of the background noise because there is no active noise cancellation. Another problem is the wind, however a very efficient solution in this is to lower the cap over the ear. In this it will protect the microphone from the wind. Very comfortable even for video calls, much more comfortable than classic wired headphones. Although we do not recommend keeping Bluetooth headphones on for many hours in a row, a wired model is recommended for the DaD, for example.

Review Aukey Bluetooth TWS EP-T21S headphones: unpretentious


Given the fairly low cost, but not excessively, these Aukey Bluetooth TWS EP-T21S headphones net of some defects we can consider them a discreet product. For everyday and selfless use they are fine and comfortable, for those looking for a top experience there are important shortcomings in every area more or less. Let’s say these earphones do everything without infamy and without praise. Recommended for those who do not want to spend too much and have no pretensions: you will certainly be satisfied! But for a few euros more, remember that you can get a good upgrade. That’s all from the electronic section, keep following us!

Without infamy and without praise

Points in favor

  • Comfortable and stable
  • IPX6 certification
  • Touch sensitivity

Points against

  • Difficulty with powerful and complex sounds
  • Slight stereo sound imbalance
  • By spending a little more you can make a qualitative leap
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