Review be quiet!  Pure Loop 240: sober and concrete AIO

Review be quiet! Pure Loop 240: sober and concrete AIO

be quiet! finally has its proposal in the liquid heatsink market. be quiet! Pure Loop 240, the protagonist of this review, is a successful product in every component. Find out more in the comprehensive analysis and benchmarks

The last few years have represented a real turning point for the German be quiet!, now constantly at the top within the market PC hardware, capable of offering high quality products with a never disappointing design at competitive prices. If you intend to assemble a new build or replace some components, know that you can now count on several series of products made by the company (including power supplies, heatsinks, fans and cases) who will be able to fully satisfy your desires and you know, in this sector you always end up having many.

The latest product arrived on the market, which integrates the company’s offer in the sector of CPU dissipation, and the be quiet! Pure Loop, very interesting liquid heatsink, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. be quiet! Pure Loop, available in 120/240/280 / 360mm cuts is a candidate for a definitive and reliable choice within the market, expanding the product offer of the company which, after a first experience with liquid dissipation a few years ago, had as its only proposal an excellent series of air coolers . Let’s find out how he behaved Pure Loop 240 that we had in test in our tests in the continuation of the review.

Technical characteristics and packaging | Review be quiet! Pure Loop 240

  • Template: be quiet! Pure Loop 240
  • AMD Compatibility: socket AM4/AM3(+)
  • Intel Compatibility: socket 1200/2066/1150/1151/1155/2011(-3) square ILM
  • Fans: 2x Pure Wings 2 PWM high-speed 120mm max. 2000 rpm
  • Pump speed: 5500 rpm, 3-pin
  • Dimensions and weight: 277x120x52mm, 1.05 kg
  • Other characteristics: single color led lighting, liquid refill port, sleeved tubes, nickel coated dissipating plate
  • Guarantee: 3 years

The company’s efforts in proposing aesthetically refined solutions are already evident starting from packaging with which it arrives in your homes that already in itself, thanks to its important volume, gives the feeling of having spent your money well. Going to eviscerate it inside, we obviously find the entire heatsink block to attract attention. The peculiarity of Pure Loop is given by the adoption of a pump made in partnership with KD Industrial not present inside the CPU block but moved near the radiator. Surely a singular choice that breaks away from the hardware solutions of Asetek and CoollT adopted by most of the manufacturers on the market. Speaking of particularities again, be quiet! has equipped Pure Loop with one charging port present in the radiator through which it will be possible replace the liquid inside that would otherwise tend to decrease and wear out over the years. The presence of the replacement liquid inside the sales package potentially puts Pure Loop in the position of lasting well over a couple of builds, certainly a gem! The radiator, one of the least thick in its category, certainly deserves a mention.

Then present the classics mounting kit for Intel and AMD, a small syringe of thermal paste (we didn’t know much about it) and of course the fans Pure Wings 2 in this case da 120mm able to run up to a maximum value of 2000rpm. The plate located on the CPU block is made of copper and nickel coated, so as to also allow the possible use of liquid metal in place of the classic thermal paste.

Installation | Review be quiet! Pure Loop 240

We decided to install this cooler inside the very good case be quiet! Pure Base 500DX which we reviewed a few months ago and which we consider to be among the best in its price range. Obviously, given the possibility of installing a 240mm radiator in the upper part of the case, we opted for this option with the fans in push configuration, in order to push the air through the radiator and towards the outside of the case. Generally, depending on the manufacturer’s choices, you may encounter difficulties in installing the CPU block to the motherboard, especially on AMD sockets. In this case be quiet! proposed one solution that I would like to promote across the board which provides two single screws to be screwed on the special supports connected to the motherboard backplate. I attach below the special video made by the company explaining the various installation phases, both for Intel and AMD.

The only flaw I encountered during the installation was the power cable connection for LED lighting single white color (NO RGB) present on the CPU block to the appropriate adapter present in the package which tends not to make much contact, causing it to disconnect and consequently turn off the LEDs. In a nutshell, the first time the lighting was not activated but it was enough to move the wires a little to solve. Probably more of a small “problem” with this specific unit than anything else. Anyway, nothing that would affect its functioning.

Test and Benchmark Build | Review be quiet! Pure Loop 240

For testing within this review of be quiet! Pure Loop 240 we used the following build:

  • Motherboard: B450 Aorus Elite
  • CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
  • Case: be quiet! Pure Base 500DX
  • RAM: 32GB Crucial Ballistix 3600MHz
  • Video Card: Sapphire RX5600 XT

The Ryzen 5 3600 it is left totally stock set in “Performance” mode as, by itself, it is certainly not a processor capable of optimally managing temperatures, even more so in our case not being among the best units in the famous silicon lottery, indeed .

In order to be able to make comparisons avoiding differences within the tests, we opted for the application of one thermal paste ARCTIC MX-4 already used in the past.

The results that can be read in the graphs show the average value of the temperatures found in the period indicated in each test through data provided by HWiNFO64. The various tests are also repeated several times in order to avoid “temporary” situations that could distort the results. With the aim of returning temperatures faithful to any type of use, the following synthetic and non-synthetic tests have been opted for: idle, gaming, Cinebench R20 e AIDA64.


To carry out the test in idle, Windows was started, left to charge completely for 5 minutes, then the temperature measurement was started for a total of 10 minutes where the PC has been completely unused.

Review be quiet!  Pure Loop 240: sober and concrete AIO


The gaming session had a duration of 1h and 30m during which the temperature measurement did not have any interruptions. The various graphic settings of the video game have been changed over time while remaining in 1080p, in order to simulate different uses and loads of the CPU depending on the potential of your video card.

Review be quiet!  Pure Loop 240: sober and concrete AIO

Cinebench R20

One of the synthetic benchmarks more intuitive and popular in the PC landscape. Several measurements have been made over time to avoid margins of error.

Review be quiet!  Pure Loop 240: sober and concrete AIO


Simulation of full CPU load through the stability test of AIDA64 (CPU stress, FPU stress and stress cache ability).

Review be quiet!  Pure Loop 240: sober and concrete AIO

Comparison and acoustic test | Review be quiet! Pure Loop 240

Unfortunately we did not have the opportunity to compare the performance of Pure Loop 240 with another 240mm heatsink on the same build and inside the same case but it is still possible to make a comparison with the Liquid Freezer II da 280mm di Arctic which was instead tested in the same configuration. The comparison shows that the performances of the two are still comparable. Although Pure Loop is “only” 240mm, in fact, the difference on loading operations is really minimal, a big point in favor of be quiet! also considering the important difference in the size of the radiator.

Review be quiet!  Pure Loop 240: sober and concrete AIO

The Pure Wings 2 they are fans that I now know perfectly well having tested them for months in the 280mm variant present inside the case. This 240mm model is able to fulfill the company’s promises to provide a low noise solution but this is especially true when the speed is around 50-60%, increasing considerably to 100%. It should be noted instead that the pump, always working at its best, it is not as silent (by the standards of this kind of component), on the contrary, from the first start you will already hear a hiss that you did not have before.

However, it remains a not very noisy heatsink but my advice is to opt for the Pure Loop da 280mm if your case allows it to be installed in the upper part (position which I certainly prefer and which is also recommended by be quiet! for this product).Review be quiet!  Pure Loop 240: sober and concrete AIO

It is time to take stock

be quiet! Pure Loop 240 is a product that, together with the Pure Base 500DX case, makes you want to have an entire be quiet! branded build. Excellent performance in terms of dissipation, sober and refined aesthetics enhanced by single-color LED lighting and some goodies such as the refill of the liquid make it an absolutely recommended and reliable product. The sale price places it exactly in the intermediate part of the products in its category, with a small discount it could become a best buy absolute.


Points in favor

  • Excellent performance
  • Bel design
  • Compact dimensions of the radiator
  • Liquid refill
  • LED lighting ..

Points against

  • ..not RGB and not controllable (is it really a malus?)
  • Pure Wings 2 is not super silent when pushed to the maximum
  • Price with a few euros too much
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