Review Capture One Pro Styles: Latitude, Deep Forest

Recensione Capture One Pro Styles: Latitude, Deep Forest

Today we will talk about the Styles for Capture One Pro, in particular the package “Latitude | Deep Forest “. We will analyze what this software package offers and how it can be used in the development of your photographs

Capture One is a reference software in the world of photo editing. Famous above all for its color management, in the 12 Pro version (which we have reviewed for you) new creative heights have been reached thanks to the functions and improvements introduced.

If you want to expand the functions of the software, several additional packages are available, which we have already reviewed in the past. Continuing on this line today we talk about Latitude | Deep Forest.

The key point that Latitude packages focus on is different from that of other Styles. We are faced with faithful reproductions of the chromatic timbres typical of some places. Deep Forest is based on the atmosphere of the most intriguing mountains and forests in the world.

Latitude | Deep Forest: what does it offer?

Thanks to Latitude | Sunbound it is possible to carry out very high grading with just one click. Clearly they can be combined with other Styles, especially Spectrum, but their main use is to give a new impact to a photo. At the price of 49 € + VAT, Latitude | Deep Forest, offers 8 presets to correct / introduce color casts in photographs. Each preset offers a “bright” and a “dark” version. Therefore 24 different combinations are obtained. Below we show you the effect of these presets on a photograph:

Latitude | Deep Forest, journey into the world of colors with Capture One Pro Styles

Together with Latitude | Sunbound, Deep Forest takes us on a journey around the world and the different rendering of light and colors of some characteristic locations. And while Sunbound focuses on sunsets and sunrises, Deep Forest focuses on rendering forests and lakes. These presets are clearly marked by the landscape, and have a very “aggressive” rendering in the direction that will distort the colors. This can be very convenient as with just one click we will be able to make a grading that otherwise would have taken a very long time.

In particular, we can see how Deep Forest manages, in some way, to always be consistent with itself even if offering different yields. This makes it very suitable for giving a different touch to multiple shots while maintaining a mood that somehow manages to create a common thread. This elects them to styles suitable for landscape reportage that want to use a strong and decisive communicative language. Clearly they can also be used in other genres, especially thanks to the possibility of using them selectively on levels. We believe that Phase One has done a really good job in this direction especially thanks to version 12 of Capture One, the version for which these styles are conceived. We can, without a doubt, affirm that the “Latitude” packages are by far the most successful of Phase One, thanks to their strong character.

Latitude | Deep Forest, the atmosphere of the forest in one click

Thanks to Latitude | Deep Forest we will be able to create a special atmosphere in our shots with a simple click. These are clearly very heavy gradings, but not unpleasant for that. It is a very strong and useful tool that can have its say in many contexts, but above all it manages to transform even flat shots into interesting shots. Light in photography is everything, but managing tones and shades is just as important. We recommend these presets more in landscape and reportage photography although we also found them pleasing in portraits when used wisely in combination with layers. Even this product is therefore promoted with flying colors, after all we would not have expected anything less from a company like Phase One.

It is possible to buy the package at this address. We also recommend that you visit the Phase One website for more information.

Below we leave you a gallery of photos developed on Capture One Pro with Latitude | Sunbound. We have purposely applied only the default presets to show the effect of this software package on photographs.

Photo gallery developed on Capture One Pro with Latitude | Deep Forest

Points in favor

  • Variety of presets
  • Overall quality
  • Ability to stack multiple presets
  • Number of possible combinations
  • Package consistency

Points against

  • Cost perhaps a little high, but certainly justified
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