Review Capture One Pro Styles: Latitude, Sunbound

Recensione Capture One Pro Styles: Latitude, Sunbound

Today we will talk about the Styles for Capture One Pro, in particular the package “Latitude | Sunbound “. We will analyze what this software package offers and how it can be used in the development of your photographs

Capture One is a reference software in the world of photo editing. With the 12 Pro version (which we have reviewed for you) new creative heights have been reached thanks to the functions and improvements introduced.

Also in this version the color management remains excellent, and indeed improves significantly in the most critical light cases thanks to the renewed deraw engine. If you want to expand the functions of the software, several packages are available, which we have already told you about in the past. Today we continue our series on Capture One Pro Styles by talking to you about Latitude | Sunbound.

The key point that Latitude packages focus on is different from that of other Styles. We are faced with faithful reproductions of the chromatic timbres typical of some places. Sunbound is based on the concept of “exploration of the unknown, sunrise and sunset”.

Latitude | Sunbound: what does it offer?

Thanks to Latitude | Sunbound it is possible to carry out very high grading with just one click. Clearly they can be combined with other Styles, especially Spectrum, but their main use is to give a new impact to a photo. At the price of 49 € + VAT, Latitude | Sunbound, offers 5 presets to correct / introduce color casts in photographs. Each preset offers a “bright” and a “dark” version. Therefore 24 different combinations are obtained. Below we show you the effect of these presets on a photograph:

Latitude | Sunbound, travel around the globe with Capture One Pro Styles

As can be seen from the name of each style, the Sunbound package focuses on particular locations of which it reproduces the chromatic timbre. These are very aggressive presets that radically change the tones of an image, much more than other styles do. Which can be seen as an advantage or a defect, it depends on your point of view and your preferences. Being presets that act so thoroughly, the advice is therefore to apply the styles that we like best and only then go to act on the raw.

The result is a very clear grading, with decisive changes in tones that distort the shot. Due to the concept that Phase One has given to this package, the most suitable genre in which to use it is the landscape. This does not prevent them from being used the same in other genres, even if it becomes more complex to manage (for example) the complexions with such clear color changes. Of course with version 12 of Capture One Pro you can selectively apply the preset only to a part of the image, so you can actually work with the background with one of these presets and then on the subject independently. And here it is clear to us how this Styles was developed thinking about a layered work. The only limit is given by the imagination of those who use Latitude | Sunbound, which is no small merit.

Latitude | Sunbound, grading within everyone’s reach

Well yes, thanks to Latitude | Sunbound we can say that color grading is simplified in a clear way. Just one click and the color rendering of an image can be turned upside down. It is an excellent tool at the service of users who do not like to spend too much time behind the PC without getting a low-quality job. At the same time it is not an instrument that is aimed at everyone, as it is very aggressive as a change of chromatic timbre. Precisely this “hardness” means that we cannot approach the rendering of this preset with half feelings: either you love or hate it. If landscaping is your quintessential genre, and you love to give your vows a strong twist, this is the package for you. If you practice other genres, and you like to experiment, you are faced with a powerful tool that can give a different mood to your photos without working too hard. How to traction in the house Phase One Latitude | Sunbound turns out to be a high level product, very well studied.

It is possible to buy the package at this address. We also recommend that you visit the Phase One website for more information.

Below we leave you a gallery of photos developed on Capture One Pro with Latitude | Sunbound. We have purposely applied only the default presets to show the effect of this software package on photographs.

Photo gallery developed on Capture One Pro with Latitude | Sunbound

Points in favor

  • Variety of presets
  • Overall quality
  • Ability to stack multiple presets
  • Number of possible combinations
  • Excellent for landscape lovers

Points against

  • Cost perhaps a little high, but certainly justified
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