Recensione Fujicolor Everyday Original by Mastin Labs

Review Fujicolor Everyday Original by Mastin Labs

We tested the new Fujicolor Everyday Original photo development package, created by Mastin Labs, on Capture One 12, and we’ll talk about it in this new review

There is nothing better for a lover of digital photography than a collection of presets with a unique and authentic flavor. The new Fujicolor Everyday Original by Mastin Labs seem to aim precisely at this: to bring back the charm of the film, with a touch of innovation and particularity. We have tested them on Capture One 12 Pro, software that has already been the protagonist, in the past, of articles and reviews here on the blog. And in this review, we tell you what our impressions were.

Fujicolor Everyday Original: what does it offer? | Review

Superia 400, Fujicolor C200 and Acros 100: these are the main films of the new Fujicolor Everyday Original. Names that will certainly sound familiar to those who have photographed and developed analog in the past, who will certainly remember the characteristic yield that these emulsions returned. Mastin Labs presets bring the sharpness and brilliance of the original colors back to life, while still giving them a modern twist. Deep red tones and soft contrasts for the Superia 400, a film simulation suitable for tight and warm environments. Soft shadows and bright colors for the Fuji C200, to create authentic and charged shots. And finally, a black and white with full tonal range for the Across 100, for intense gradation and unparalleled clarity.

A dedicated workspace

As had already happened for the Kodak Everyday Original and for the Fujifilm Original, Mastin Labs has also created a dedicated workspace for these new presets, which can be selected from the Adjustment – Style of Capture One 12. Divided into 5 main categories (Film, White Balance, Tone, Lens Correction and Grain), the worksheet allows you to manually operate on each of the parameters, perfecting the performance of the film simulation.

Fujicolor Everyday Original: the fascination of film | Review

The three films in the preset have to offer bright colors, intense renders and unique tones. Designed for the nostalgic of analogue photography, they give character and charm to our photos. The result is a return to the ancient taste, to bright and vibrant colors and to black and white with strong character and contrast.

The ease of use, the excellent performance and the ancient flavor make the Fujicolor Everyday Original presets a good buy for those who want to get the best from the light room in a few, simple, steps. Although the effects can be reproduced manually, the Mastin Labs package makes them accessible and quick to use; a good ally therefore, for those who prefer to reduce development time to dedicate themselves to capturing the perfect moment.

Our impression, after trying the presets on our shots, is to have in front of an excellent package with a fascinating vintage taste, capable of bringing our photos to life. The simulation of the three films was not only pleasant, but also extraordinarily faithful. The speed and ease of use of the presets also made them an excellent tool for the development of our digital negatives. It is difficult not to be bewitched by this package, whose only negative side could be found in the price, (99 € purchased from the Mastin Labs website) perhaps high for adjustments that, with a lot of effort and experience, can also be made manually.

Below, we leave you a small gallery of shots developed on Capture One Pro 12, to give you an idea of ​​the performance of the Fujicolor Everyday Original:

Photo gallery

Bright colors, faithful rendering

Points in favor

  • Fidelity of reproductions
  • Package quality
  • Speed ​​of use
  • Bring Fujicolor yield back to life
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