Review GTA V for PS5: Los Santos its next-gen

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In this new review we will tell you in detail about all the technical improvements made in the new version of GTA V for PS5

If you love video games then you will know for sure GTA V, one of the most successful titles of all time. This masterpiece of Rockstar Games was first released on PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2013, but over time it has also arrived on many other platforms.

Now, 9 years later, the ultimate Grand Theft Auto has finally arrived on next-gen consoles as well and has brought with it several improvements. In the last few days we have had the opportunity to test the PS5 version of GTA V and in this review we will talk about it in depth.

The same old GTA V

Before we start talking about the PS5 version of GTA V, we want to warn you that in this review we will only deal with the technical aspect of the game. It’s been a long time since the launch of the last Grand Theft Auto, and over the years there has been more than enough talk about elements like gameplay and story. For this reason, in this review we will only talk about the technical improvements made with the new next-gen version of GTA V and the unique features available on PS5.

Review GTA V for PS5: Los Santos its next-gen

A new and improved Los Santos – GTA V review for PS5

Like so many other next-gen titles, the new version of GTA V also allows players to select different graphics modes according to your preferences. The performance mode will allow you to play in 1440p a 60 FPS fissi and it is perfect for those who prefer to focus everything on the fluidity of the gameplay. If, on the other hand, you are a player who gives a lot of weight to visual quality then you can use the graphic fidelity mode, which uses a resolution of 2160p however reducing the framerate a 30 FPS. Finally there is the Ray Tracing performance mode, which will force you to play with one dynamic 1440p resolution and a variable frame ratebut which in return allows you to enjoy the benefits of ray tracing.

Among the three modes available to us we preferred that performancesince thanks to the improved lighting system and new high resolution textures it allowed us to play with great fluidity without giving up too much graphics. Obviously if you don’t care too much about the frame rate you can very well aim for the graphic fidelity mode, but We advise you not to play with the one dedicated to Ray Tracing.

Unfortunately, in fact, in GTA V the Ray Tracing is used in a very disappointing way, since apparently it only affects the shadows and not the reflections. For this reason in our opinion frame rate is not worth giving up and stable resolution for such a marginal improvement.

Review GTA V for PS5: Los Santos its next-gen

Maximum Speed ​​- GTA V review for PS5

If you’ve played GTA V on an eighth or, even worse, seventh generation consoles, then you will surely remember one of the biggest issues of the title: slow uploads. In fact, they were often in demand several minutes to start the game and also to switch between characters during the singleplayer campaign took a long time. Not to mention the transition from GTA V to GTA Online, which often ended up lasting even more than 5 minutes.

Fortunately, these slow expectations are now just a memory, given that on the new generation consoles GTA V is actually much faster than in the past. Switching between characters has now become almost instant, and so is loading when starting the game or switching to online it only lasts a few seconds.

Review GTA V for PS5: Los Santos its next-gen

DualSense Feature – GTA V Review for PS5

Now it’s time to talk about Unique GTA V features dedicated to PS5 DualSense. From this point of view Rockstar has done a really good job, as it has managed to take very good advantage of the new Sony controller. Adaptive triggers can deliver very different resistances based on the weapon you are using, allowing you for example to perceive the difference between firing a pistol or a shotgun. In addition the triggers are used quite well even while driving, simulating the feel of the pedals of brake and accelerator.

But the PS5 version of GTA V really managed to amaze us in the way it uses the feedback aptico of the DualSense. Through the vibrations of the controller it will be possible to perceive the blows received by your character, the air displacement of the explosions and even the sensation of falling rain. In particular, however, the haptic feedback bring out the best in your driving sessions. In fact, on board a vehicle you will be able to feel all the impacts and sudden movements in an extremely realistic way and, as if that were not enough, you will even be able to perceive the vibrations caused by the passage on uneven ground like wooden piers and bumps of various kinds.

Review GTA V for PS5: Los Santos its next-gen


Now the point of our review has finally arrived in which we sum up the PS5 version of GTA V. This new version of the historic Rockstar title offers several improvements both in terms of frame rate and visual quality. In fact, according to the graphic mode you select, you can enjoy a very stable framerate or one extremely high resolution. The game also boasts gods very fast uploads that dwarf those of the first version for the seventh generation console. Finally, despite not being a Sony exclusive, this version of GTA V manages to make the most of all the main features of DualSense, thus offering a more immersive experience than in the past.

Despite all these improvements, however, the game also has gods defects. One of the biggest flaws of the title is certainly the very disappointing use of Ray Tracing, but not only. In fact, going around Los Santos it is easy to notice the backwardness of the character models and their animations. Ultimately these flaws do not go to much damage to the overall quality of this version of the game, but it’s really a shame that Rockstar didn’t go to great lengths to fix them. In any case, despite the fact that more could be done, GTA V is still an exceptional game and thanks to this version you will be able to enjoy it on console in the best possible way.

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A good next-gen version

Points in favor

  • Improved texture and lighting
  • Ability to choose between 4K and 60 FPS fixed
  • Very fast uploads
  • Great use of DualSense

Points against

  • Ray Tracing used very badly
  • The animations and models have not been improved