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Review of Tales of Symphony Remastered

Today we throw ourselves into the review of Tales of Symphonia Remastered, a title widely appreciated at the time but this time seen from the eyes of a neophyte of the saga

The time comes for anyone to recover a video game not played in the past, this review of is the classic example of this Tales of Symphonia Remastered, a video game released many years ago and re-proposed in different versions, but this time experienced from the eyes of a “non-fan” of the saga. How will it go? We will find out together by continuing to read this review, enjoy reading.

A Brief Look Back – Tales of Symphonia Remastered Review

Before dedicating ourselves completely and getting to the heart of this review, it is good to do a leap into the pastthis to have a clear vision of the editorial history of the title, which already from the name is expected to be a modern adaptation of an old video game from the past. Tales of Symphony sees its first outing in the distant 2003 in Japan and the following year in Europa.

Mainly Tales of Symphony made its debut on Nintendo GameCube, a console that most remember with a pinch of melancholy and sadness. Only in Japan, and we want to clarify it, a version was released for PlayStation 2 a fine 2004. Many years later in 2013given the undisputed success of the saga, not even a remastered version was spared for PlayStation 3which also included the sequel entitled Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.

Review of Tales of Symphony Remastered

The icing on the cake 2015 why not also look out to the world PC? Tales of Symphonia HD In the 2016 was the answer, only to be announced in September 2022 yet another remastered version, this time for PlayStation 4, Xbox Onee Nintendo Switch. Needless to say, Bandai Namco Entertainment in this case wanted to hit us with a remastered.

Two lines must also be spent on the plot, which does not vary from that known in the past. We are indeed in the world of Forestersa world that is suffering and in danger of collapse due to the shortage of Mana. The fate of the world is in the hands of Chosentale Colette Brunel which will be accompanied by Lloyd Irving. During the long journey of the chosen one, new faces will not fail to be added to accompany us in our difficult mission, that of save the world of Sylvarant.

Comparto tecnico – Review Tales of Symphonia Remastered

Notwithstanding and always aware of the fact that we are talking about a remasteredto tell the truth we have not noticed major upheavals regarding what had already been originally proposed in the version PC. Yes why this Tales of Symphonia Remastered draw heavily from that version, improving the original experience slightly. This is already revealed by the fact that the video game was originally designed for “old-gen”, although it can be played in backwards compatibility on PlayStation 5, as we did.

Graphically there was a dutiful rejuvenation of some textures and models, and a “modern” adaptation of the frame rate, but compared to the original work very little has changed beyond this. It is unfortunately visible, even to the naked eye as long as it is a careful eye, to notice which textures are “rejuvenated” and which are not. But remembering the word “remastered” at the end of the title, this does not surprise us that much.

Review of Tales of Symphony Remastered

Unfortunately it weighs, and not a little, not having cared more and 360° for this remastered version. Perhaps if that little bit more had been done, this video game would have been more captivating, and would have also attracted the old fans of the saga, especially those who have already stripped this title in the past and now know all its secrets.

Gameplay – Tales of Symphony Remastered Review

The gameplay does not differ much from JRPG that we have known for many years now, if it weren’t for one important detail, the combat phases until then with turn-based mode in this chapter of Tales of Symphony were replaced with real-time combat. For the time it was really something unusual, and although outlined by some technical limitations, it was something really appreciated by the public.

The fights, as well as then, take place in a kind of arene in 3Dwhich, however, provide only movements in two dimensions. It is possible to choose which enemy to target, finally the only actions to be performed in real time will be to approach him, move away, hit him or take a defensive pose. This can be summed up in a coming and going in which we will go to defend ourselves and then counterattack, distancing ourselves when we have to enter into dedicated tactics.

Review of Tales of Symphony Remastered

One could not be missing strategic phase, which will allow us to decide which of our characters will have to use a potion on himself or on some party companion, or use an object, change equipment and things like that. As for what concerns the battle companions, they will be managed by the IA that mostly they will take care to make them go back and forth, between attacks and moments in which they will heal themselves or others.

It must be said that the gameplay, albeit with few changes compared to the past, offers the gamer a simplicity and a immediacy much appreciated. It goes without saying that during the game there will be the need to solve small environmental puzzles (mostly with the use of the ring), and that there will be a loot system which will allow the various characters to find and use different equipment, which will modify their statistics. In short, also regarding the gameplay and the various skills, nothing new (or almost) at the front.

Review of Tales of Symphony Remastered

A carousel that is worth the admission ticket?

In conclusion of the review, we can admit that for i newbies hand over to Tales Of Symphony through this remastered it’s an opportunity they shouldn’t pass up. Even those who have not played the previous versions can finally enjoy this little pearl of the gaming environment, but those who have already played this video game in the past will find very little motivation to get back on it. An optimal experience for someless justified for others.

That’s all for this review but don’t despair, stay tuned to for other interesting reviews (and not only) about everything that buzzes around the gaming world.