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Let’s discover together, in this review, Sanguivore Twenty Below, the new survival horror on Steam, developed by Blood Eater Games

Sanguivore Twenty Below is the new title in the survival horror genre with escape room elements from the development team Blood Eater Gamesalready known for Mighty Fight Federation. It is an engaging cooperative game capable of keeping even those who are not particularly accustomed to this genre glued. The title is currently available still in the early access phases; for this reason, we were unable to try many of the features that will be unlocked once it is officially released. However, we were able to try the initial mission both in cooperative and in single-player mode. Let’s dive into Sanguivore Twenty Below with our review.

An Alaska of 30 days of darkness | Sanguivore Twenty Below review

Do you remember the 2007 horror film directed by David Slade starring Josh Hartnett, entitled “30 Days of Darkness”? In Sanguivore Twenty Below you ended up in it. Yes, because in this survival horror title you will find yourself in Alaska, an already normally hostile environment due to its harsh temperatures, which thus becomes the stage that will see you as protagonists in a city haunted by “Blood-eating” beings, i.e. i vampires.

The city of Alaska, however, will not just be a mere setting, but will become a real antagonist: in fact, in addition to the vampires, the city is also brought to its knees by a winter storm which will make the success of your mission even more difficult: escape. Yes, you will have to flee. The city is completely uninhabited with people killed by vampires and others who have fled to the coast; Unfortunately, four people were left behind and they will be the ones we will have to wear to escape facing the various elements. The mission is to look for an escape route, but it won’t be easy at all.

Recensione Sanguivore Twenty Below: un escape room horror

Cooperative to the last drop | Sanguivore Twenty Below review

As in a real respectable horror film, even in Sanguivore Twenty Below becomes essential to collaborate together with the other players. Whether it’s through a local game, where you can enter a code to join your friends, or in an online game, with random players, to escape from the Alaskan town, communication and cooperation are the roots from which all the rest of the gameplay branches off. You can play with up to four people and, if it has brought you together in a completely random way through online matchmaking, the game itself offers you the possibility of being able to communicate without problems thanks to the use of walkie-talkies which you will find as soon as you start playing the first mission.

Escape is a very delicate operation that requires careful planning and strategy. You will also be able to find some escape plans that will give you suggestions (which you can also evaluate as mini-goals) to be able to find one of the four escape routes available. Furthermore, cooperation is also essential because if you are attacked by a vampire, your friends will have medical kits at their disposal that can revive you. If, however, you are an intrepid daredevil and will play in single-player, if you are attacked, you will only be able to save yourself if you have a medical kit available among the various items in your inventory. Furthermore, in the inventory there will also be a sort of diary in which all the information you collect will be stored, including the various access keys.

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A videogame escape room | Sanguivore Twenty Below review

Each area is characterized by four different escape routes that players will have to discover in order to escape from vampires and the winter storm. The first area is the police station, where our story begins. The four players will have to collaborate in order to discover the escape plan, the map and also the various hidden secrets. Pay particular attention to the resources that will be found scattered around the area, including mirrors: a powerful weapon that will allow you to escape if you are captured by a vampire by pressing quickly the “F key” on your keyboard. In a flash, you will see the vampire disappear.

You will therefore have walkie-talkies, medical kits, mirrors and a torch that you can activate by always pressing the “F key”; the latter does not have an unlimited battery life, but you will have to be careful to let it recharge (although it still happens almost instantaneously). Furthermore, the torch can also be a great way to attract the attention of enemies who are attacking your companions. Two new elements are introduced in the second area: dogswhich will alert the vampires if you pass too close and which the latter have therefore decided to save, and the storm which has also brought the various emergency vehicles to their knees and could cause damage to your health if you do not find shelter immediately. I advise you to go up to the attics of the various houses because you can find resources and they also offer you excellent shelter from enemies.

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With some small limitations | Sanguivore Twenty Below review

We were able to try a limited version of what will be the final game; Therefore, we haven’t seen the character progression systemalthough at the end of the mission you will see a screen with your statistics and the total experience points gained. Sanguivore Twenty Below is a survival horror game with the escape room features with dark settings, still being optimized by the development team today, such as the low frame rates when you are attacked by vampires. If you are faint of heart, then pay close attention to jump scares! In fact, the game is not characterized by an engaging sound sector since for most of the time there will be no music, as it will be necessary to communicate with your companions, but as soon as the vampire appears or the dogs are alerted, then the eardrums.

From a graphic point of view, much more could have been done especially in the characterization of the main antagonists of the game, the vampires. From what I’ve seen in these early stages, it almost seems like it the game always proposes the same vampire model with each attack and if the attack animation works when you have a mirror and therefore you manage to counteract the sharp canines, on the other hand it turns out to be particularly slow when you don’t have a weapon in your hand and you have to wait inexorably for your end. I tried Sanguivore Twenty Below on a medium-high range AMD Ryzen 7 PC and I must admit that I didn’t have any particular problems with frame drops or continuous freezing and I used the settings recommended by the developers themselves without changing anything.

Recensione Sanguivore Twenty Below: un escape room horror

Ready to play?| Review Sanguivore Twenty Below

We conclude this preview review of Sanguivore Twenty Below recommending this experience to you, however once the official release to the general public has taken place. I’m not particularly accustomed to the horror genre, but I must admit that I had fun trying to find escape plans and adventuring online with my companions to fight both the vampires and the storm. A kind of Dead by Daylight combined with a videogame-scale escape room. The game is entirely translated into Italian; therefore, you won’t even have many problems in understanding what the objectives are. It’s a shame for the somewhat sparse animations and the lack of characterization of the vampires.

Sanguivore Twenty Below is currently available in early access on Steam on PC. Let us know what you think in the comments section below and if you’re interested in purchasing the final version. For further updates, guides and reviews on the gaming world, stay tuned to If, however, you want game keys at a discounted price, we refer you to the offer catalog on the Instant-Gaming website.