Review Speedlink Gravity RGB Stereo Soundbar

Recensione Speedlink Gravity RGB Stereo Soundbar

In this review we will discover Gravity RGB Stereo Soundbar, the Speedlink soundbar designed for PCs and beyond

Having a clean and well detailed audio, having the right frequency range is a very important factor, not only for audiophiles, but also for gamers. To manage to pick up the direction of the footsteps of enemies is always an element of advantage and distinguishing them from other explosions and various blows is very important. That’s why having a good soundbar can help, and not a little, all gamers. Let’s start this now review and find out if Speedlink Gravity RGB Stereo Soundbar he got away with it during our test.

Data sheet

  • Dimensions: 420 × 64 × 70 mm
  • Weight: 640 g
  • Driver: 2 x 50 mm
  • Passive radiators: 2
  • Frequency response: 120 Hz – 18 KHz
  • Impedance: 4 Oh
  • Connectivity: cavo jack da 3,5 mm, Bluetooth
  • Lighting: two RGB lighting zones

Recensione Speedlink Gravity RGB Stereo Soundbar

Packaging and Design | Speedlink Gravity RGB Stereo Soundbar review

The soundbar will arrive at our house in a slightly larger package than itself. This as always, it will reflect the style of Speedlink and on it we will find, in addition to the representation of the product, various characteristics and useful information. Once the box is opened we will find ourselves in front of it the soundbar wrapped in plastic wrap. The product will then be set inside two shapes made with expanded foam for avoid any damage due to accidental impact.

The soundbar features a attractive design and the front is the most detailed of all. In the center we find the volume knob and below it two jack inputs, one for headphones and one for the microphone. On the sides of this central block we find a metal grille that protects the two full range drivers and passive radiators. Below the latter are the two RGB bands which then also extend along the right and left sides, giving an aggressive and captivating style to the soundbar.

The rest of the body is rather anonymous. At the top we find a single key that will act as switch between the various lighting modes. In the back instead there will be wires fixed which will allow you to connect the soundbar to the power supply via the USB port and to the audio jack and microphone outputs of the monitor or of our PC.

Recensione Speedlink Gravity RGB Stereo Soundbar

Simple link, but excessive | Speedlink Gravity RGB Stereo Soundbar review

As we said earlier, the soundbar is equipped with a double jack cable to connect to various monitors or sound cards of various PCs. However this will not be the only way to connect. Indeed it will be possible associate our smart devices via the appropriate Bluetooth connection. This will allow us to use the soundbar as a simple speaker to listen to our favorite songs directly from the phone.

To change from one mode to another, all you need is click on the volume knob which will therefore have a double function. Also the latter will also allow us to turn the device on or off to save us electricity. Connecting this soundbar will therefore not be difficult, however a double jack cable and a USB one only for power supply, they seem somewhat excessive to us.

We do not understand the choice of the company that could have invested in a single cable to connect and power the soundbar, after all, USB type-C cables allow this function very well; nor do we understand the fact of having to power the device via USB cable. Since the audio passage is via jack cable, they could have opted for a plug-in power supply. This would have saved us a USB socket on our motherboard that we could have used for something else.

Recensione Speedlink Gravity RGB Stereo Soundbar

But how does it feel? | Speedlink Gravity RGB Stereo Soundbar review

Here we are probably in the most important section of this review, the one dedicated to audio quality of the product. Before continuing, it is fair to point out that this is not a top-of-the-line product, rather. With a recommended price of around 39,99 €, you can’t expect much. In fact, the first fundamental factor that affects the experience is one’s own the sound power which turns out to be too loweven at maximum volume.

Throughout our experience we have had listening problems which, in the most agitated phases of a game, can be a significant factor. Not being able to hear sounds well due to too low a volume, even if already set to maximum, is not exactly comforting. To remedy this we will be forced to increase the general volume of Windows or our TV (if you want to play with a console) much higher values ​​than usual.

However, the possibility of being able to use the soundbar both via cable and via Bluetooth is certainly a fundamental point. However, although it can be used in these two ways, there is neither a software nor an app which allows us to manage the equalization or some other parameter that could have improved the user experience. In short, in some ways it almost seems to speak more of a PC speaker dating back to 20 years ago than a soundbar designed for gaming.

be clear, the experience was not exactly disastrous. If used for quieter gaming or if you’re willing to compromise with very low audio anyway, then this will give you a good overall experience. The audio will come through slightly muffled, but will still be able to give a good yield. Acoustic distortions were almost completely absent, as was to be expected.

Recensione Speedlink Gravity RGB Stereo Soundbar


We have now reached the end of this review regarding Speedlink’s Gravity RGB Stereo Soundbar, and therefore the time has come to sum up a bit. The design of this product is very captivating and may appeal to many users. The RGB headbands are a really nice touch which manages to give an even more aggressive look to the soundbar. The various lighting effects are also well managed, giving a look almost different according to the effect you set.

To such a particular design is added a good wired and bluetooth connection, according to our needs. However, two fixed jack cables and an additional USB cable for power supply are not exactly the best when we are going to install our soundbar. These are then accompanied by a weak sound and we will be forced to considerably increase the general one of the PC or TV.

However, such a low sound power it also avoids major distortions at very high levels, although it fails to reproduce many of the sounds that are essential in the most chaotic games. Hearing the footsteps won’t be easy, but if you’re not a fan of FPS, then this soundbar may be for you, especially considering the price which is truly accessible to everyone.

That’s all for this review of Speedlink’s Gravity RGB Stereo Soundbar. To not miss out on further news and reviews relating to the hardware universe, continue to follow the pages of everything!

Cheap and with limits

Plus points

  • Double connectivity…
  • Distortions almost completely absent…
  • Design

Points against

  • …but too many cables
  • …but very low sound power
  • No apps or software to manage
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