Review UGREEN Revodok Pro: docking Station USB C 10 in 1

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In this review we talk to you about UGREEN Revodok Pro, a USB C docking station with 10 communication ports in one to be able to connect many devices to your laptop quickly and easily. Let’s see the details!

Laptops are becoming more compact and thinner and there is less and less space for communication portsAnd. Fortunately with recent USB C standards, the universal connection can reach speeds that won’t reach saturation with just one device. This is why a 10 in 1 USB C docking station like UGREEN Revodok Pro can be the key to exploiting all the bandwidth provided by modern USB connections. So let’s see our review!

Recensione UGREEN Revodok Pro: docking Station USB C 10 in 1

Main features

  • 2x ports HDMI
    • HDMI 1: fino a 4K@6o Hz
    • HDMI 2: fino a 8K@3o Hz
  • 1x porta Ethernet Gigabit RJ451 Gbps
  • 1x 100W USB C charging port Power Delivery, no video stream
  • 3x porta USB Aup to 5 Gbps
  • 1x porta USB Cup to 5 Gbps
  • 1x SD/TF card readerup to 104 MB/s
  • Universal Compatibility: Windows, Linux, MacOS, iPadOS, etc..

UGREEN Revodok Pro docking station review: design and construction

From the first moment you have the idea of ​​holding a premium product in your hand. In fact the The solidity of the assembly is excellent: no creaks, the brushed finish makes it soft and light to the touch despite being made of aluminum alloy. The design choices also contribute to making this product easy to handle. In fact, the rounded edges not only make this UGREEN Revodok Pro 10 in 1 USB C docking station pleasing to the eye, but it is also easy to hold.

Globally, we can say that we are ahead an elegant and functional productsolid but light.

UGREEN Revodok Pro docking station review: field test

Of course it doesn’t just have to look good, it also has to work well! Having said that, let’s see how this device behaved in action. First of all, it is truly plug&play and multi-system, so just plug it in and use it. We connected it to a 10 Gbps USB C port. To better test the features, we connected two monitors (one with 4K resolution and one FHD) to the two HDMI ports. Then we connected the PC to the network via Ethernet. During the approximately 10 days of testing we also used the USB ports several times to transfer data to sticks and HDDs. We have not encountered any problems or slowdowns of any kind. Therefore, the management of the various devices and the connection speed are excellent.

Recensione UGREEN Revodok Pro: docking Station USB C 10 in 1

Let’s come to the evaluation of the features: UGREEN Revodok Pro 1o in 1 USB C docking station It is equipped with 10 doors, of which 4 are data ports, 3 USB A. So many USB A ports become useful when using different devices with wired connection (such as mouse and keyboard). Otherwise it becomes difficult to use them all. In our opinion, the two HDMI ports are very useful as they allow you to connect up to 2 monitors, excellent for productivity especially if using a laptop with a small screen. And then there is also a third video output via USB C possibly. The second USB C port, on the other hand, is intended for charging: by connecting it to a power supply it will provide power to devices enabled for charging via the USB C port.

For creatives as photographers and video makers, however, there is the possibility of reading SD/TF cards. And finally there is the Ethernet port, almost impossible to find in modern ultrabooks now. Furthermore, it is really convenient not to have to disconnect a thousand cables from the laptop when you leave the desk (and then reconnect everything the following day): having everything on a single port we can simply attach and detach the hub.

That what would be missing in our opinion? Some professional GPUs still use DisplayPort ports, but you generally don’t need a USB hub in these cases. There are still projectors that work with a VGA connection, but they are very few now. A headphone jack? Now Bluetooth and USB C technology are also replacing this standard. Having them would be better than not having them, of course. But the 90% of the population would not miss it.


So, all things considered, is the UGREEN Revodok Pro 10-in-1 USB C Docking Station a good product? Certainly yes, both from a design and performance point of view. Only small flaw? The price a little above average, but we can also say that the product is. Even if you can access a 15% discount using the Amazon box below. That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us!

Points in favor

  • Modern design and construction
  • Excellent performance
  • Good supply of doors

Points against

  • Price a little high
  • Not suitable for specific needs
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