Revolut continues to grow in Italy exceeding one million customers

Revolut continua a crescere in Italia: superato il milione di clienti thumbnail

The unstoppable growth of Revolut in Italy continues. The financial “super app”, in fact, recorded a new record figure in Italy, exceeding 1 million active customers. Here are the numbers that certify the growth of Revolut in Italy:

Revolut continues to grow in Italy

Revolut can count on 25 million customers worldwide. During the month of November, however, the financial super app reached a new milestone, surpassing the million customers in Italy. The growth recorded in Italy is certified by the data. Over the past three years, in fact, Revolut has passed from 100,000 to 1 million customers. Over the last 12 months, however, the growth was 60%.

The typical user in Italy has an average of 35 years old, lives in a big city and uses a smartphone to manage all operations. Furthermore, according to data provided by Revolut, card payments have increased by +120% and contactless transactions by +130%. Payments within the app are also growing in Italy, with direct exchange of money between users. The growth is +96%.

Company comment

Ignacio Zunzunegui, recently appointed as the new head of the Italian market and Head of Growth for Southern Europe, underlines: “Italy is among the most important markets for Revolut, it has recorded solid growth since its launch in the country in 2017 to now exceed one million customers. This is due to the combination of effective money management tools and low or even zero fees that we offer to our clients, as well as the introduction of local features that address the needs of clients who live in the country.”

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