Revolut founder takes sides against the war in Ukraine

Il fondatore di Revolut si schiera contro la guerra in Ucraina thumbnail

“When I was growing up, the idea of ​​a war between Russia and Ukraine was inconceivable”Thus begins the open letter against the war written and published today by Nik Storonsky, founder of Revolut fintech, one of the most important companies in the digital payments sector. Storonsky was born in Russia, has British citizenship and is of Ukrainian origin (his father is, in fact, Ukrainian). The founder and CEO of Revolut is very involved in the conflict, as is the other founder, Vlad Yatsenko.

The position of the founder of Revolut on the war between Russia and Ukraine

The founder and CEO of Revolut has a very specific position on the current war between Russia and Ukraine. Initially, fintech supported its employees in Ukraine by proposing solutions for relocation outside the country. Furthermore, with the Revolut blog post, Storonsky publicly takes sides against the war, clearly highlighting his thinking on the issue. According to Revolut CEO: “War is never the answer. This war is wrong and completely abominable. I am horrified and shocked by its impact ”.

Donations to the Red Cross

The letter clarifies the possibility for Revolut customers to do instant, commission-free donations to the Ukrainian Red Cross. The CEO also clarified that Revolut will match its users’ donations of up to £ 1.5 million throughout the week. To read Storonsky’s entire letter it is possible to take a look at Revolut official blog.

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