Revolut lancia la versione 9.0 dell'app per iOS e Android: tante nuove funzionalità thumbnail

Revolut launches version 9.0 of the app for iOS and Android: lots of new features

Revolut, the global finance superapp used by over 28 million customers worldwide, today released its new app version 9.0. Includes the new banking product Conti Cointestati, which allow customers to create an additional account within the Revolut app which must be jointly owned by two people, be they partners, family or friends. The 9.0 UX update is available for both iOS than for Android and also includes the group version of the instant messaging tool Revolut Chat. The new product suite is now available in all European Economic Area markets.

Revolut app version 9.0: share expenses with joint accounts

Revolut’s joint accounts are centered around flexibility and inclusion, as they adapt to the needs of different types of people and relationships. To create a joint account, customers do not need to meet any special requirements or demonstrate that they live together. Such accounts together with Revolut <18 they can become a center of finance familiarbut they can equally be used by all types of “duo”be it partners, siblings, roommates or friends.

According to a survey recently conducted by Revolut, 60% of Italians prefer to use a joint account for manage expenses with the partner. 37% of the sample indicate it as an exclusive account to manage all expenses, while 23% as complementary to a personal account. One out of three Italians, on the other hand, prefers to keep accounts and budgets separate. It is also interesting to note that 4% said they do not even talk about money in the couple, as they do not want to mix finance and love.

When asked about the cost sharing with your partner, the most popular answer was 50/50 (40%), then there is 20% of those interviewed who say that one person in the couple pays more or less, depending on their income. 26% do not have a rule for splitting expenses, while 6% specify that one partner pays the rent and the other the bills and groceries. Finally, 3% opt for a configuration in which one partner pays all expenses, because they earn much more than the other.

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Chat, split and settle scores with group chats

In November 2022, Revolut launched its instant messaging function, a chat room where Revolut customers from all over the world can chat and share fun gifs and stickers while sending and requesting money from and to other customers. With the latest 9.0 update, Revolut introduces chats by group.

The new feature allows more people to discuss and clarify the details of a payment within the app, rather than having to switch between different messaging apps, and confirms Revolut’s mission to offer a service that allows you to manage everything it’s all about money in one place.

Designed with a focus on security, all chat messages feature crittografia end-to-end. Customers can deactivate the chat function if they do not wish to use it and can enable or disable it completely in the “Security and privacy” section.

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