Revolut: paper and online purchases are growing in Italy, here are the data

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A Revolut’s new investigation photographer and user spending behavior highlighting some very interesting data. The “super financial app”, as the institution itself defines itself, can count on over 650,000 customers in Italy and 18 million customers worldwide and, therefore, offers us its privileged point of view on the way in which purchases are made.

Revolut data on payments and purchases in 2021 compared with 2019

According to Revolut data, the card transactions increased to an average of 71 per person in 2021 with an increase of + 73% compared to 2019 data. The average amount spent also grows, reaching 2,337 euros in 2021 with an increase of + 111% compared to 2019.

It should also be noted that online purchases accounted for 36% of the total in 2021, a figure also in this case in sharp growth compared to 2019 when this percentage was 25%. According to Revolut data, contactless transactions are also growing, reaching 80% compared to 70% recorded in 2019. It should also be noted that customers who have purchased crypto on Revolut in 2021 they grew by 239% compared to 2020.

The institute’s comment

Elena Lavezzi, General Manager Italy and Southern Europe di Revolut, he declares: “We are witnessing, on the one hand, an acceleration towards digital payments made sometimes still necessary today by the new rules dictated by the pandemic. At the same time we also see that some habits, previously unavoidable such as online purchases in some situations, have taken hold and continue to be chosen despite the physical or more analog alternatives being available again. It is the confirmation that when the user is satisfied by the user experience he does not abandon it and that Italians are well open to technological innovations ”