Rian Johnson tried to explain Among Us rules to Angela Lansbury

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Glass Onion – Knives Out represents the last film appearance of the iconic Angela Lansbury, very popular actress of Murder, She Wrote, who passed away on October 11th. The director tells us a nice anecdote that happened on the set of the film Rian Johnsonwho revealed that he tried to explain to Angela Lansbury how to play ad Among Usfamous video game in which an impostor must secretly kill the members of his group.

After trying to explain the game to the actress, Johnson came to the conclusion that: “Angela Lansbury is not a gamer.”

Glass Onion: Murder Mystery with Angela Lansbury and Among Us

The director patiently tried to explain the rules of the game to the actress. However after several minutes the same actress, equally patiently, would have replied: “Can’t you just tell me what the lines are?”. In the film there is in fact a scene in which the characters play Among Us. The anecdote was told by the director to the microphones of the New York Times. Here are his exact words:

“She couldn’t have been more adorable and generous. She admitted that she is not a gamer and is very patient in letting me describe the Among Us rules, at least up to a point. She finally said to me: ‘you know what? Tell me what the lines are, I’ll trust you.”

Angela Lansbury passed away at her home in Los Angeles on October 11, 2022, five days after she would have turned 97. Glass Onion – Knives Out represents her last on-screen appearance. Our review of the film reads:

“Glass Onion – Knives Out succeeds in the non-obvious intention of giving an appropriate continuation to what in the meantime has become a real Netflix branded franchise (the platform has already purchased the rights for a third chapter), avoiding the danger of the mere repetition and also treating the pandemic with a hilarious narrative device. Even if at times the desire to make the viewer feel smarter than the characters is perceived (a double-edged sword in the cinematographic field), the director’s exquisitely pop vein gives us a work that takes itself seriously just enough to be enjoyable and ironic, revealing on balance a real glass onion, suggestive and mysterious but at the same time clear and crystalline from the first moment”.