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Riello UPS Sentryum Rack: the modular for industrial environments

Riello UPS, a brand of the Riello Elettronica group, a world player in the production of static uninterruptible power supplies, photovoltaic inverters and Energy Storage systems, presents Sentryum Rack, the new range of modular UPS developed to guarantee protection and continuity of the power supply to all applications deemed critical due to particular environmental conditions (dust, humidity, suspended chemical particles, etc …) or industrial processes.

The Sentryum Rack series is available in both a 20 kVA / kW and modular version from 20 to 160 kVA / kW, both can be in either single-phase or three-phase output configuration. The Riello UPS Sentryum Rack guarantee maximum flexibility of the system thanks to the high adaptability to any power supply network and to the plug & play installation that does not require special settings or interventions by the operator.

The individual modules, which can be both single-phase SRM (Sentryum Rack Single phase) and three-phase SRT (Sentryum Rack Three-phase), they are compatible with the normal standard 19 ”cabinets in the networking and industrial fields; and in the models of aSentryum Rack cabinets (equipped with switch panels) can be installed up to 60 kVA / kW with 3 modules of 20 kVA / kW, with the possibility of reaching 160 kVA / kW total with several cabinets installed in parallelor. The possibility of creating parallel systems up to 160 kVA / kW is however guaranteed even with standard 19 ”cabinets.

“Our research and development department used state-of-the-art technologies and components for the design and construction of the new Sentryum Rack range. This allowed us to develop an improved product compared to the previous generation both from the point of view of energy efficiency and general performance “he commented Luigi Ferrari, Technical Marketing and Product Manager of Riello UPS.

The power connections are managed by sturdy Harting cables and plug & play connectors, specific to operate in harsh industrial environments, which ensure simplicity and safety when inserting and removing them. The connection terminals of the modules are arranged in such a way that the connections of the communication signals are isolated and separated from the power ones (input, output, bypass line, battery) thus ensuring complete immunity from disturbances generated by the power supply network., a feature that makes them suitable for industrial environments where this is usually disturbed.

Sentryum Rack also guarantees great flexibility and simplicity both during the maintenance or replacement phases of a module, and when an additional UPS module is added to the system to increase the available power or redundancy.

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