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Riot censors a gay League of Legends character in some countries

Despite efforts for inclusiveness, Riot Games he admitted that he had censored some elements in some countries of the world. In particular, the character of K’SanteLeague of Legends’ first openly gay black champion.

To reveal it is the executive producer of League of Legends, Jeremy Leewho admitted to Sky News that the company it has replaced some words like “lover” or “partner” in countries most hostile to LGBTQ + rights. Lee said he was “very proud” of the character of K’Sante, the first champion of the game to have a well-defined sexuality.

League of Legends: K’Sante is gay, but not in all countries

In the course of the interview Lee stated that “each region can manage the story of the character depending on what it thinks is best for the players.” Pressed by Sky News, the creative director admitted that Riot adapts its characters to the costumes of the different markets.

The admission was not very popular with users on the net. For example Ben Austwick, a League of Legends gamer and streamer on Twitch, told Sky News he was “sad, but not surprised.” Austwick then added:

Video games are part of the culture and should be at the forefront of moving boundaries forward. This is especially important in places where oppression against LGBT + movements is most entrenched. All of this is sad and shows that for companies there is nothing more important than making more money“.

K’Sante was introduced in League of Legends on November 3, along with a new skin co-designed by the rapper Lil Nas Xby one of the champion artists of LGBTQ + rights.

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