Riot Games ha annunciato un nuovo investimento in Fortiche Production thumbnail

Riot Games has announced a new investment in Fortiche Production

Riot Gamesa video game developer and distributor known for League of Legends and the acclaimed animated series Arcane, and Fortiche Productionthe animation studio that created Arcane and many LoL videos, announced a new Riot equity investment in Fortiche.
The new situation calls for Riot to have a significant minority stake in Fortiche and for Brian Wright (Riot’s Chief Content Officer) and Brendan Mulligan (Riot’s Director of Corporate Development). have joined the Fortiche board of directors.

“The various collaborations with Riot Games, and in particular Arcane, have made Fortiche Production one of the new protagonists of the international animation scene. Riot Games, along with its trust, has given us the means to achieve the ambitions it shared with us and has shown us that it is possible to offer new content that can reach a large audience. In 2023 we will celebrate ten years of collaboration and this association is the best way to symbolize the trust and ambitions of our companies ” said Pascal Charrue, Jérôme Combe and Arnaud Delord, co-founders of Fortiche.

“Fortiche has been a key partner of ours for a very long time, but this agreement ensures that we will continue to work closely together for the next few decades,” said Nicolo Laurent, CEO of Riot. “We demand very high standards from everyone who works with us and we are very keen that they deeply understand the players and devote themselves to them relentlessly. From day one, Fortiche has perfectly embodied our motto “player experience first”. By working with Fortiche, we seek to push the boundaries of what we believe is possible and raise expectations about how games are portrayed in the media. As proud as we are of Arcane, we know the best is yet to come ”.

So it happens that Fortichewith its 350 employees and collaborators scattered between Paris, Montpellier and Las Palmas (Spain), will remain operationally independent of Riotexcept for the positions Riot now occupies on the board of directors; while the company’s board of directors will include co-founders Pascal Charrue, Jérôme Combe and Arnaud Delord, as well as Hervé Dupont, appointed Managing Director.

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