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Rise of the Ronin Preview: Our First Impressions

For a few days now, we have had our hands on Rise of the Ronin, the new PS5 exclusive and in this preview we will tell our first impressions of the game

Rise of the Ronin, Team Ninja title and coming out next March 22 it’s definitely one of the most intriguing games of this month and this year first half of 2024. This is a PS5 exclusive and this in itself should make us raise our attention threshold significantly. Today we are going to discuss what are our very first impressions on Rise of the Ronina title that we are already playing and which we already have some material available to discuss in this one previewwaiting, then, for the official review.

Rise of the Ronin Preview: Our First Impressions

Historical accuracy | Rise of the Ronin Preview

Not in this one previewnor later in the review of Rise of the Ronin we’re going to give spoilers on the plot but, much more simply, we’re going to talk about the management of the game’s narrative. We are faced with a title with a strong historical influence and in which the real history of Japan mixes with the narration and plot of the protagonist.

There will be the possibility of relive some crucial moments in the history of the country of the Rising Sun and meet real-life, truly influential people. So far, what we have seen has convinced us but not completely. The cut-scenes that act as a glue for the story and the development of the plot alternate between a lack of bite and very suggestive choices and images. Same ambivalent nature for the dialogues, at times convincing and at others much less so, also thanks to a decidedly revisable management of facial animations.

Rise of the Ronin Preview: Our First Impressions

Straight to the heart | Rise of the Ronin Preview

The title of this paragraph of our preview of Rise of the Ronin it is perfectly centered with the theme of the paragraph itself: the gameplay. Both because it represents the heart of the whole game and because the latter (the gameplay) is mainly based on combat. The nature open-world it will take us to different areas of the map and in each of these it will be possible to engage in combat that eliminates the exploratory component which, at the moment, although minimal, is still present, also demonstrated by the fairly massive presence of a component Of farming.

Il combat system it is influenced by a number of factors that will also make it very personal. Starting from the choice of the basic characteristics of the protagonist (there is also a very deep editor) up to the characteristics of the enemies themselves. Based on what our preference will be, we can play a PG more focused on strength, rather than dexterity, rather than intelligence or charm. Each of these ramifications involves the use of some weapons of which, over time, you can become masters by adding dedicated move sets and, furthermore, it is also possible to access certain skills.

Rise of the Ronin Preview: Our First Impressions

Rise of the Ronin is a title that must be tried and that pad in hand offers the best of itself. The combat feedback is very enjoyable and in this Team Ninja, with the introduction of elements such as dodging, parrying and enemy weaknesses, has definitely done an excellent job. The game turns out to be very rhythmic and fun to play. Another very interesting element is the recurring possibility of controlling two players, which offers a depth not to be underestimated to many combat sections. Depth in turn amplified by the presence of sections stealth.

The component GDRin addition to the issue of addressing and customizing the style of play, is also present, to a minimal extent, in the selection of equipment which, very simply, is indicated with a numerical value and it will therefore be up to us to deduce what to use and what not.

Rise of the Ronin Preview: Our First Impressions

Good looking? No! | Rise of the Ronin Preview

We arrive at what is the most painful point of this preview of Rise of the Ronin, namely the technical sector. Let’s say it right away, this is not a title you play for the graphics or to enjoy breathtaking views. It is a game that, as previously mentioned, makes gameplay its core. This, however, is not enough for Team Ninja to avoid being on the fence about the technical and purely visual component. The style is reminiscent of that of the two chapters of Nioh, therefore neither photorealism nor excellent graphic power. At the same time, however, Nioh was probably more inspired from an artistic point of view (also thanks to the game world).

Rise of the Ronin presents itself as a game not from this generation and which would have looked disfigured next to some titles from the previous one. Playing at performance mode – the only truly enjoyable one in our opinion – the overall impact is not to be thrown away but it is not to be praised either, it remains at a skimpy mediocrity which, however, could still be corrected ahead of day one (even though, objectively, there would be a lot of work to do and there are only a few days left). The audio also didn’t convince us, with an Italian dubbing present but which leaves something to be desired, the use of Japanese dubbing is recommended.

Rise of the Ronin Preview: Our First Impressions

We can still work on it…

And so, here we are at the final bars of this one preview of Rise of The Ronin; a highly anticipated title that presents itself as a new PS5 exclusive with many elements to take into consideration. The gameplayat the moment, appears to be extremely enjoyable and we have good reason to believe that this enjoyment will not disappear over the course of the game and as we move forward. What needs to be reviewed is certainly the technical sector, not up to this generation. We are therefore awaiting further developments and we meet here, on, for the complete review. Stay Tuned!

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