Roberta Gilardi, CEO G-Gravity, selected for the 90 Day Finn Program

Roberta Gilardi, CEO di G-Gravity, partecipare a 90 Day Finn Programme thumbnail

Roberta Gilardi, CEO of G-Gravitywas selected, along with 14 other prominent figures, to take part in 90 Day Finn Programme. It is an initiative, managed by Helsinki Partners, a Finnish non-profit organization, with the aim of supporting international companies and projects to guide them along their growth and success in the local innovation ecosystem. The Milanese entrepreneur, who leads G-Gravity, a phygital hub of Innovation and a center of competence dedicated to Healthcare, will therefore play a leading role in this new program. Here are the words with which Gilardi has chosen to comment on this important selection that will allow her to represent Italy in the Finnish innovation system.

The comment of Roberta Gilardi

that’s how Roberta Gilardi chose to comment on the news: “I am extremely grateful for this significant European recognition received from Helsinki Partners. It is not only a great honor for me to take part in the program, but also a precious opportunity to encourage the contamination of ideas. Taking an example from a new and stimulating cultural context, in one of the most avant-garde countries in the world in the social and work field, I am convinced that it is possible to contribute significantly to the growth and evolution of the healthcare sector in our country by exploiting the potential already present “.

Various profiles such as entrepreneurs, investors and corporate executives will take part in the 90 Day Finn project. All participants in the initiative will share the mission of find business opportunities in the Finnish capital for three months. Roberta Gilardi will therefore create connections and partnerships to initiate future synergies in the healthcare industry.