Roblox: Sony is interested in bringing it to PS5!

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After initial concerns, Sony finally seems interested in bringing Roblox to PS5 for the happiness of many users. Let’s find out all the details in the following news

In recent days, several rumors had spread regarding Roblox and Sony, the latter increasingly interested in bringing it to PS5. Only a short time ago Sony itself had expressed its doubts on the matter especially after the opening of Roblox the introduction of content and mini-games intended for an adult age group. In this way, at least as stated by Sony, the child safety would have been undermined. A few hours ago the situation seems to have finally unlocked and the arrival of Roblox on PS5 could be imminent. To confirm this hypothesis there would be the latest statements of the CEO di Sony Interactive Entertainment aka Jim Ryan.

Roblox: Sony is interested in bringing it to PS5!

The wait for Roblox may be over: Sony is interested in bringing it to PS5

The well-known platform for online games for children has long been Roblox it is present on both PC and Xbox and several users are clamoring for its introduction on Playstation as well. Sony is always very attentive to protection of the youngest users so much to have policy very restrictive on the content made available to them both in system apps and in games. For this reason the latest statements by Roblox Studio they had made Sony worry and not a little as we will see an introduction of adult content on the platform. After several rumors, the truth now seems there for all to see: Sony is really interested in bringing Roblox to PS5. It is a choice that brings several benefits to the world Playstation given that many young users are forced to opt for the purchase of an Xbox console to have access to the contents offered by Roblox.

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