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Roccat Burst Pro Air Review: A mouse for performance lovers

In this review we will talk about the Roccat Burst Pro Air, a mouse that convinced us for the maturity and performance it can offer

We are always looking for mouse light, reliable and that as they say “flow well”. When we got the chance to review the new home mouse Roccat we didn’t delay a moment. As soon as he got in editorial board we rushed to unbox it and put it on immediately to the test. Let’s not get lost in further talk and let’s get straight to the point.

Packaging and unboxing | Roccat Burst Pro Air Review

The box has always been the company’s business card, Roccat he knows this well and for this reason he always produces products with packs Very curate. This is no exception, in black cardboard with all the information available and an image very nice of the illuminated mouse. Inside the package we find, well protected, the mouse with the USB dongle, and a USB-C / USB-A cable. Obviously, to complete the equipment, the classic instruction booklet.

Technical features

Let’s start by talking about some features, the most important. The weight is approx 81 gramswhich becomes about 83 when the dongle USB it is inside the seat of the mouse. You can use the mouse in two different ways:

  • 2.4 GHz via the supplied dongle
  • Bluetooth 5.2

A notable step in avanti was also done in terms of internal electronics, where we find the sensors Pixart PAW 3370 which allows to arrive at a resolution of 19000 points per inch. The panel the mouse is dressed in reveals gods led RGB which can play up to 16.8 million colors. Il cable inside measure 1.8 meters.

Only two other important details; the first concerns adoption of the switch owners Titan Optical, and the second autonomy. Indeed this Roccat Burst Pro Air ha a’autonomy of about 100 ore and in just ten minutes of charging it will be able to provide five hours of autonomy.

Design and use | Roccat Burst Pro Air Review

As soon as they are removed from the package, the two plastics covering the two skates in PTFE. The sliding on the mat is really great and in all of our tests the mouse really appeared need ed reliable. Also aesthetically the mouse really turns out satisfying, both when switched off and illuminated. Ergonomics It’s really good, the materials used are also of good quality although obviously made of plastic. It is felt solidity, they do not register either push ups neither crunches of the materials during use.

Roccat Burst Pro Air Review: A mouse for performance lovers

The sensor guarantees up to 400 IPS of tracking and personally I found the double possibility of connection very convenient. In fact I used the dongle to connect to the Fixed PC, while I go through Bluetooth i connected the mouse to the laptop so you can switch between the two devices almost instantly.

Dedicated application | Roccat Burst Pro Air Review

Let’s move on to one of the real strengths of this mouse, the dedicated software. In fact, we are talking about ROCCAT Swarm, from which it is possible to truly customize and control almost every parameter of the mouse. It is clearly possible to set macro, it also has the function EasyShift+ from which you can assign a specific function at a key.

Also from the application it is possible to individually manage the 5 profiles that you can create, customize e interchange (using the button under the mouse). Few application blocks however, they never negatively affected the user experience. Finally, total control over the lighting system, on the remaining battery (including the button to put the mouse in energy saving).

Conclusion and price | Roccat Burst Pro Air Review

Roccat Burst Pro Air it particularly convinced me in terms of technology, materials, design and performance. There are some flaws, starting with few keys available (even if personally it did not burden me that much), and from the impossibility at present to set one automatic shutdown after minutes of inactivity (I reserve the correction of this if it will be implemented). The application interface is a little dated but anyway useful e well done.

Roccat Burst Pro Air Review: A mouse for performance lovers

The price of the mouse is around 99 €, in my opinion in line with the standard of the market. In line, above all, with the quality of product that you will take home. What do you think of this Roccat Burst Pro Air? Please let us know with a comment below and keep reading allotek to stay updated on the latest news and more.

Points in favor

  • Double connection possibility
  • Complete application
  • Design and materials
  • Low weight
  • Autonomy

Points against

  • Rare application crashes
  • Few buttons
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