ROCCAT Magma and Pyro: new gaming keyboards under 100 euros

ROCCAT expands its product line-up with the brand new Magma and Pyro RGB gaming keyboard. Magma’s stunning RGB lighting and affordable price redefine the category of membrane gaming keyboards – Pyro is the most complete mechanical gaming keyboard ever under $ 100

ROCCAT unveils the two latest additions to its award-winning keyboard line-up: the Membrane RGB Gaming Keyboard, Magma, and the Pyro Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard. Magma’s fully illuminated top plate takes advantage of the AIMO RGB technology of ROCCAT like never before, is the inviting price of 59,99 € make it the ideal choice for gamers looking for an improvement to their RGB setup. PC fans looking for a new mechanical keyboard will simply have to take a look at the Pyro, one of the most feature-rich mechanical gaming keyboards available on the market today, at a recommended price of 99,99 €. Magma and Pyro are both equipped with a detachable wrist rest and playback buttons, in addition to the acclaimed tecnologia ROCCAT Easy-Shift [+] which allows players to assign a secondary function to the most used keys. Magma and Pyro will be available at authorized dealers starting May 30, 2021:

With Magma we are redefining membrane keyboards, once again pushing the boundaries of enlightenment, ”said René Korte, founder of ROCCAT and General Manager for PC Peripherals at Turtle Beach. “With the Vulcan series, we had already evolved the RGB experience by mounting transparent keys on mechanical keyboards. With Magma we made the entire plate transparent to push AIMO lighting to its full potential. It looks like nothing else available on the market today and is accessible for all those gamers who want to show off their RGB gaming setup

ROCCAT Magma Membrane RGB Gaming Keyboard

Since the launch of the AIMO lighting engine in 2017, ROCCAT has focused not only on providing high-performance PC gaming equipment, but also on take the RGB experience to new levels. The Magma Membrane Keyboard features a semi-transparent top plate and a five-zone backlight and 10 LEDs for the best AIMO lighting ever. With 16.8 million colors, players can enjoy a vivid and immersive lighting experience. Magma will connect and synchronize with all other products in ROCCAT’s AIMO range, including the newly announced Kone Pro series mice, Elo series headphones and more, to create a truly insane gaming station.

Magma also features silent membrane typing thanks to keys with high quality rubber dome. Keypresses are responsive and reliable. The advanced anti-ghosting technology ensures that players can press all the most used keys simultaneously, without compromise. The Magma is equipped with a removable wrist rest to meet the needs of all players. Available from May 30, 2021 at authorized dealers worldwide at a recommended price of € 59.99.

ROCCAT Magma and Pyro: new gaming keyboards under 100 euros ROCCAT Magma and Pyro: new gaming keyboards under 100 euros ROCCAT Magma and Pyro: new gaming keyboards under 100 euros

ROCCAT Pyro Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard

Pyro is one of the most feature-rich mechanical gaming keyboards on the market today below € 100. The new design of the Pyro is reinforced by a brushed metal top plate, which offers gamers a sleek, sturdy, and beautiful-looking mechanical keyboard. Pyro uses the (red) TTC linear switches with an actuation point of 2.0mm, 45g of operating force and a depth of 4.0mm for a ‘click’ that is precise yet strong. Pyro switches are tested for 50 million keystrokes for a responsive and lasting gaming experience. The advanced anti-ghosting technology also ensures that all keys pressed simultaneously are recorded without any problem.

Like the Magma, the Pyro features a removable wrist rest. It then has the Vulcan series volume wheel, much loved by fans, for quick and easy audio control. Pyro has the ROCCAT’s AIMO lighting engine with 16.8 million color illumination. AIMO organically reacts to user usage by showcasing incredibly vivid lighting, all with quick and easy setup. Additionally, the Pyro syncs with AIMO-compatible products to create station lighting that switches naturally from one device to another. The Pyro will be available from 30 May 2021 at participating retailers worldwide for a suggested retail price of € 99.99.

ROCCAT Magma and Pyro: new gaming keyboards under 100 euros ROCCAT Magma and Pyro: new gaming keyboards under 100 euros ROCCAT Magma and Pyro: new gaming keyboards under 100 euros

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