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ROCCAT Torch review: the de streamer microphone with RGB lights

Whether you stream or play online gamesbeing able to be heard is one of the keys to success. Roccat he knows this well and for this he has used all his technology, attention to detail and the efficiency typical of the brand’s products in the colorful microphone Torch. Belonging to the two aforementioned categories (you all know the techprincess twitch channel, right ?!), we got to get our hands and voice over this interesting microphone. So let’s find out what Roccat’s Torch microphone has in store for us in this review.

Our review of the Roccat Torch microphone

With the increase of the streaming phenomenon, fueled by recent events, the market is full of such devices. So what is special about this Roccat to be able to outclass the other competitors? Let’s find out!


The Roccat Torch microphone it is made up two main bodies: the microphone real and a base where to attach it. The base allows you to place the microphone comfortably on your desk and from here you can manage every useful element of the microphone. Three knobs on the front, in fact, will allow you to select the recording volume, the gain, and the pattern or the registration mode (which we will analyze later in the review.

On the back of the base we find two USB TYPE C inputs to connect the base to the computer and the microphone directly to the base. Here we also find a Jack input for headphones e two buttons for RGB lights, as well as that of infrared sensor used to mute the microphone. The sensor is located directly on top of the microphone itself and will allow you to turn it on and off with ease. If you do not want to risk mistakenly silencing the microphone, it is possible, as mentioned, to deactivate this function and reserve the microphone to be turned off for the volume key.

The microphone has a standard design but not unoriginal. The metal grill is flanked by a plastic section where the Roccat logo appears illuminated by RGB LED lights. The same lights are also found inside the grille itself that beautifully decorate the microphone. The lights also go up and down depending on the recording volume we have selected. The captivating design given by the lighting and by the object itself, make it much more than a microphone, a real piece of furniture.

Included in the package we find two USB cables, one of 2m to connect it to the PC, and one of 15cm to connect the base to the microphone. The length of the latter cable is designed to use the microphone attached to the base. But thanks to a universal screw system, it is possible to place the Torch in most microphone support accessories, such as a wall arm and so on.

Not just RGB lights

Beyond the RGB lights, now a must in the life of every gamer, the Roccat Torch is a small concentrate of technology. The recording quality is guaranteed by a 24-bit audio with sampling up to 48kHz which results in high performance efficiency. How to register they adapt to the needs of each individual user.

In fact, we find the Cardioid mode, which captures voice in a small field, immediately in front of the microphone for crisp, clear sound. This mode is designed for gamers and streamers. There Stereo mode instead it uses both left and right recording audio channels capable of capturing multiple sound sources. Ideal for the timeless ASMR. There Whisper mode instead it is an exclusive of the Roccat brand and is designed for gaming and recording sessions that require a low volume of the voice, perhaps for which late night game.

Technology is also the master of RGB lighting. In fact, these are not simple coloring lights but we are faced with the system of AIMO intelligent lighting, developed by Roccat. In the case of the Torch, this is a 3-zone lighting system that changes according to the volume or mode selected. Plus, as more AIMO products are added to your setup, the lighting effects will connect and combine, creating a seamless lighting experience across all devices.

Our test of the ROCCAT Torch microphone

We have been testing this interesting microphone for about three weeks during which it replaced our normal tools for streaming. Let’s start immediately by saying that Roccat’s Torch microphone presents itself in a sublime way in terms of design. The sinuous lines of the central body give a sense of both softness and solidity making it more than a microphone but a piece of furniture. In terms of performance, this Roccat microphone has nothing to envy to the major competitors on the market. The recording audio is crystal clear, the quality excellent. Words are not lost and even without the presence of a Pop Filter, there is no interference usually given by the “P” and “B” during recording.

Base, which at the beginning, we do not deny it, had little conviction, proved to be a simple but super effective tool. Thanks to it it is in fact possible to modify the main characteristics of a microphone in a flash without having to put a hand to OBS and the like from time to time. Disabling the infrared microphone on top of the microphone didn’t drive us crazy. Thanks to our clumsiness, we found ourselves several times mistakenly turning off our Torch. Fortunately, this function, as anticipated, can be deactivated directly from the base.

And it is precisely here that the strength of this Torch di Roccat lies: the ability to adapt to any situation, to any streamer, to any need. This versatility is also reflected in the target audience of this product. If you are not used to streaming, in fact, this microphone can be the ideal companion for gaming sessions with friends, to get the most out of your performance in competitive video games or simply for all the occasions when it is necessary.

The ROCCAT Torch microphone review in brief

The cards to become one of the best microphones for streaming, the Roccat Torch has it all. An attractive design, high recording quality, great versatility of use and also a more than competitive price. This microphone has become an integral part of our streaming system whether for an online game with friends, an important business meeting or an important online game during a business meeting, the Roccat Torch will be your megaphone to the world.

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