Rock ‘Em Sock’ Em: film in development with Vin Diesel

Mattel, the well-known toy company, has decided to turn Rock ‘Em Sock’ Em into a movie for the big screen

Today is the news that it is being developed for Mattel Film a live action film titled Rock ‘Em Sock’ Em and based on the famous board game with two robot boxers who battle to victory.

In the main role we will find Vin Diesel, who commented on his participation in the film produced by the company One Race Films in collaboration with Universal Pictures:

Taking the classic board game Rock ‘Em Sock’ Em, and having Mattel as my partner, and helping build a successful franchise with Universal is really exciting.

Mattel has created numerous films inspired by its games. Among the most interesting we find Wishbone, based on the game for the little ones that becomes a rocking chair, a kind of tricycle and a toy trolley; Barbie, starring Margot Robbie and written by Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach; and finally One, comedy centered on the classic card game in which we find Lil Yachty as the protagonist. Among the projects in development, however, we find Barney, a film that will see Daniel Kaluuya in the main role.

Rock 'Em Sock' Em: film in development with Vin Diesel

Rock ‘Em Sock’ Em: the plot of the film inspired by the game by Mattel

The film will follow the story of a father (Diesel) and a son who they will begin to bond thanks to an advanced war machine. We still don’t know which actor will play Vino Diesel’s son.

The executive producer of the film, Robbie Brenner, spoke enthusiastically about the project:

We are proud to bring such an iconic game from Mattel to the screen and to do it with an extremely talented actor, Con Diesel. Our franchise continues to expand with exciting stories and we can’t wait to create new adrenaline-pumping adventures for the whole family.

And we are sure that the film will satisfy young and old alike.