Yoko Taro is the Creative Director of a new game at Square Enix

A new game not yet announced would be in development at Square Enix and Yoko Taro, the author of Nier, would be the Creative Director

Yoko Taro he is certainly one of the most bizarre figures of the Japanese videogame industry, both as a person (impossible to see him without the inevitable mask), and as a creative, given the absolute peculiarity of his works. And for theauthor of NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139, now in the finishing straight, it seems that the time to rest has not yet come, given that yesterday it was confirmed that he is currently engaged in development, as a Creative Director, of an new game at Square Enix.

Yoko Taro is the Creative Director of a new game at Square Enix

To confirm the news, released on the occasion of the live streaming held yesterday regarding NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139, was the producer of Square Enix Yosuke Saito. Unfortunately, no details have been disclosed regarding the nature of the new game directed by Yoko Taro, except that it will be a small title, distributed only in digital format. However, the company has not ruled out the possibility of making a special physical edition.

Taro described the production as out of the box and atypical, adding that he has no idea how to illustrate everything correctly. His desire is to get people to play it, but he still has no idea how he can do it. More optimistic Saito, who sees the game as nostalgic, but at the same time new, arguing that the company is optimistic about sales success.

At the moment we don’t know anything else about it, but constant updates have been promised, as soon as there are news to be announced. However, it cannot be ruled out that new information will be disseminated in the coming days.

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