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ROG: announced its first Handheld Gaming Console ROG Ally

ROG announces its first Handheld Gaming Console ROG Ally. With the all-new AMD Ryzen Z1-series processor, ROG Ally is ready to take the gaming world by storm

Incredible performance powered by AMD technology. Cutting-edge APU design allows ROG Ally to redefine portable gaming. It ensures a smooth and immersive gaming experience on any library or streaming service available on Windows. Ergonomic and lightweight design. Indeed, with a weight of only 608 grams, ROG Ally is light, versatile and comfortable.

ROG: announced its first Handheld Gaming Console ROG Ally

Details on the new ROG Ally Console

Republic of Gamers (ROG) is proud to announce ROG Ally, an incredibly powerful new portable console with a Windows interface. Equipped with a cutting-edge AMD Ryzen Z1-series processor, ROG Ally is capable of playing AAA games and indie titles with ease. The bright, high refresh rate touchscreen display ensures gamers have a clear view of content even when playing outdoors. ROG Ally is easy to carry and handle all day longthanks to its lightweight 608 gram design and ergonomic handles.

Incredible performance powered by AMD technology

Featuring an all-new purpose-built APU, the AMD RyzenTM Z1-series processor with RDNATM 3 graphics, ROG Ally is poised to deliver never-before-seen portable gaming performance. Gamers who enjoy lighter indie titles or more graphically-heavy AAA games can do it all with Ally. To make all this possible is also the thermal apparatus Zero Gravity of ROG. This uses a dual-fan system with ultra-thin heatsink fins and high-friction heat pipes to ensure your device stays cool in any orientation.

Schermo full HD

High-performance gaming also requires a screen to match, and ROG Ally doesn’t disappoint. Thanks to its full HD (1080p) 120Hz panel with Adaptive Sync support, gamers will enjoy smooth and intense motion clarity even in the fastest games, without tearing or stuttering when FPS drops. The display also has a maximum brightness of 500 nits, making it easy for gamers to follow the action in more challenging environments such as outdoors. This touchscreen display also allows for seamless navigation in Windows when gamers need to change settings or install a new title.

ROG Ally Console: Perfect experience with Windows 11

ROG Ally runs Windows 11, which means gamers can access all their libraries and game streaming services on one device. No matter which service the games are available on, Ally can access them. Navigating the Windows desktop is a smooth and immersive experience, whether through Ally’s joysticks and buttons or through Windows’ robust touchscreen support. Also, a special edition Armory Crate debuts with the first ROG console. Customized with quick performance modes, a game launcher, monitoring software, Aura Sync support and more. ROG also offers a 90-day trial of Game Pass Ultimatewhich gives users instant access to hundreds of AAA and indie titles the moment they launch their Ally.

ROG: announced its first Handheld Gaming Console ROG Ally

ROG Ally console: ergonomic and lightweight design

For a portable console, weight and ergonomics are key. ROG engineers painstakingly developed the ROG Ally’s shape and weight until they were convinced they had created the perfect machine. Great to be carried and used all day long. Weighing only 608 grams, Ally will never weigh in the backpack or in the hands of a player, allowing for sessions in total comfort and without interruptions. The ergonomics of this new device continue with its grips, with a unique triangle texture on the back that gives gamers a solid grip on the machine from any angle. ROG style lines adorn the side of the grip and help reduce any accidental slips.


The official ROG Ally launch event will be held on May 11, 2023. The event is open to anyone wanting to learn more about the full specs and pricing. The online keynote will start at 16.00. Followed by a panel discussion with Shawn Yen, Product Management Director of Gaming Business Unit at ASUS, Roanne Sones, CVP of Microsoft Gaming Devices Ecosystem, and Frank Azor, Chief Architect of Gaming Solutions and Gaming Marketing at AMD. Come together to talk about ROG Ally’s design history and its impact on the gaming landscape. To access the ROG Ally event site, follow the link:

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