Romain Grosjean will comment on the international final of the Predator Race Cup 2022

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Acer recently announced that Romain Grosjean will comment the international final of the Predator Race Cup 2022the Assetto Corsa online competition to be held on June 14 at 20:00. Let’s find out all the details together.

Predator Race Cup 2022: Romain Grosjean will comment on the final

Acer recently released the details of the international final of the Predator Race Cup 2022, the Assetto Corsa online competition scheduled for June 14 at 20.00. THE 24 sim racer who have made it to the final stage will compete in a ride lasting 60 minutes on the prestigious and complex virtual circuit of Silverstone.

They can choose to race in three different Predator custom cars: one Mercedes AMG GT3a Lamborghini Huracan or one McLaren 650 GT3. The winner will become a professional driver for one year R8G eSportsone of the best sim racing teams in the world.

According to what Acer revealed, the international final will be commented and live streamed on Twitch by the IndyCar champion Romain Grosjean. Together with two of his best drivers, Grosjean will tell the story of the background of the race e le best strategies that the pilots will field to clinch the victory. Hajo BlingenVice President Marketing, Acer EMEA, said:

After the great success of last year we are really excited to bring the Predator Race Cup Grand Final live stream back to Twitch. We are expecting a close competition between the 24 super champions, who participate in the final after their respective qualifying successes and are ready to race for the crown of the best ever.

Romain Grosjean instead stated:

Our partnership with Acer allows us to create an exciting esports competition and make sim racing accessible to all. The Predator Race Cup is a demonstration of the enthusiasm and great talent of competitors at all levels. I am looking forward to welcoming the new champion to my team of professional drivers.

The live stream will be broadcast simultaneously in 15 countries and amplified by 15 influencer. In Italy it will always be Carolina Tedeschi, on the Twitch channel F1WithCarolina, to broadcast and comment on the final chapter of the competition. For more information you can consult the official site.

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