Rowenta CUBE: solutions to sanitize the home

Presented a new range of solutions to take care of domestic spaces and fabrics without chemical agents. The new Rowenta CUBE is already available on the market, capable of killing 99.99% of viruses, germs and bacteria

In the last months, the health emergency due to the spread of COVID-19 has radically changed consumer habits, with increasing attention to the care of domestic environments and fabrics. Protecting yourself and your family, sanitizing the spaces and taking care of your clothes, beyond simple ironing, helps to transmit a state of well-being and, in this sense, it is essential to make use of right allies for living in a healthy, safe and clean home.

Rowenta, which for over 150 years has been taking care of the home with innovative products capable of improving the quality of life, offers a range of products dedicated to sanitation and home cleaning, designed to respond to the new and old needs of consumers. The spearhead of the range is the new Rowenta CUBE, the first high-pressure technology suitable for sanitizing, ironing and refreshing fabrics, thanks to the power of steam, accompanied by the top-of-the-range steam mop. Rowenta Clean & Steam Multi and two novelties among the solutions dedicated to purification: Rowenta Eclipse 2in1 e Rowenta Pure Air Genius.

Rowenta CUBE: sanitizes, irones and refreshes fabrics with the power of steam

CUBE is a real revolution within your wardrobe and further expands the range of Rowenta products in the field of sanitation. CUBE is indeed Rowenta’s first high-pressure technology that sanitizes fabrics thanks to the power of steam high pressure, capable of kill 99.99% of viruses, germs and bacteria, including COVID-19, without having to use any chemicals. Already a year ago, a recent report by the ISS – Istituto Superiore di Sanità identified heat (dry steam) among the physical treatments to be considered as a means of contrasting COVID-19 in a commercial context. With CUBE, ready in just 70 seconds, it will be possible to benefit from the sanitizing action even inside one’s own homes.

Powerful, portable and ultralight. The practical design and the 4.8 m cable they allow the powerful high pressure boiler to be used anywhere, with the possibility of moving easily between spaces and using CUBE also in the sanitization of all the fabrics in the house, such as curtains, sofas and sheets. With un weight of only 530 grams, CUBE can be used both in portrait mode and on an ironing board, for those who prefer a more traditional use. All supported by very high performance, with continuous steam delivery up to 90 g / min, steam jet up to 200 g / min and steam pressure up to 5.8 Bar. CUBE is also the perfect ally for those who have little time but do not want to give up the pleasure of always wearing perfectly ironed and sanitized garments, and is ideal for coping with the famous “last minute touches”. In addition, thanks to the Smart Protect technology, CUBE is safe on all garments and fabrics and is equipped with an anti-limescale system that guarantees lasting performance and reliable results day after day.

Rowenta CLEAN & STEAM MULTI: the power of steam for a clean home

The top-of-the-range steam mop Clean & Steam Multi is a further product of the Rowenta line, which exploits the sanitizing action of steam to help eliminate viruses, germs and bacteria without the use of harmful chemicals or detergents, guaranteeing a healthy and hypoallergenic cleaning with the utmost respect for the environment. Clean & Steam Multi combines in a single appliance the functions of suction and steam cleaning in a single pass, thoroughly sanitizing all types of surfaces in a very short time.

Rowenta CUBE: solutions to sanitize the home

Rowenta ECLIPSE 2in1 and PURE AIR GENIUS: welcome clean air!

To ensure excellent air quality inside your home, Rowenta launches two new solutions: Eclipse 2in1 e Pure Air Genius. The Eclipse 2in1 purifier and fan ensures high air purification and, at the same time, it refreshes the room with the ventilation function. Perfect for coping with the hottest months of the year, Eclipse 2in1’s purification feature captures up to 99.95% of fine particles (down to 0.1 microns in size) and up to 99% of fine particles such as viruses At the same time, Eclipse 2in1 ensures the benefit of freshness at maximum silence, thanks to the elegant bladeless tower fan. With 12 speeds, including 4 silent settings, 2 modes (Night and Auto) and a multiple swing with 3 angles (30 °, 60 °, 120 °), Rowenta Eclipse 2in1 offers optimal diffusion throughout the room within a radius of 8 meters.

For smarter users, Pure Air Genius is Rowenta’s new connected purifier capable of filtering out 100% allergens and 99.9% fine particles such as viruses, for clean air in just 4 minutes. Quiet and ecological, Pure Air Genius arrives on the market with 4 levels of filtering: pre-filter (hair and dust), activated carbon filter (smoke, odors and VOCs), Allergy + filter (removes allergens and fine particles such as pollen, pet hair, dust mites, mold, bacteria or viruses) and filtro NanoCaptur+ highly effective against formaldehyde. The new purifier is also ideal for acting on large rooms, ensuring purification of the air diffused in an area up to 140 m², can be connected to the WiFi connection and also uses a dedicated app to control and customize programs, monitor the air quality inside and outside the home in real time and check the quantity of pollutants captured.

Rowenta CUBE: solutions to sanitize the home

Prices and availability

CUBE, Clean & Steam Multi, Eclipse 2in1 and Pure Air Genius are available on Rowenta’s e-commerce and at major physical and online retailers. Below are the recommended prices for each product:

  • Rowenta Cube: € 259,99
  • Rowenta Clean & Steam Multi: € 399,99
  • Rowenta Eclipse 2in1: € 349,99
  • Rowenta Pure Air Genius: € 329,99

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