Royal Mail, the British post attacked by a Russian ransomware

Royal Mail, le poste inglesi attaccate da un ransomware russo thumbnail

The English Postal Service, the Royal Mailhave undergone a cybersecurity incident: the attack would come from a ransomware of the group linked to Russia LockBit. The Royal Mail reported the incident on Wednesday, explaining that it was unable to send parcels internationally.

Royal Mail, the British post under ransomware attack from Russia

The Telegraph reports that the Lockbit hacker group would have encrypted the English postal service, with a hacker note who would agree that i data was “stolen and encrypted”. BleepingComputer reports that the note contains encrypted data and Tor addresses to initiate ransom negotiations.

However, a spokesperson for the hackers explained to BleepingComputer saying pro-Russian hackers did not commit this attack. Instead, they could be other hackers using their own tool, leaked online last September. However, the publication reports that the links refer to the LockBit site, so it is difficult to understand whether it is a bluff.

A post today from Royal Mail confirmed problems in international shipments. “At the moment we are unable to deliver items to overseas destinations. We strongly recommend that you keep your items for shipping overseas while we resolve the issue.”

According to reports from the Telegraph, the hackers would have blocked the system that prints the labels for international transfers. the postal service, privatized in 2013 but still considered “critical national infrastructure”. At the moment he has not confirmed it is a hacker attack.

The Telegraph reports that the hackers would have asked one million dollar ransom. It is currently unclear whether this is really an attack by LockBit. But in the near future we should have more details, we will keep you updated.