Ruolimpiadi 25: Anthology: Le partnership 2020

Ruolimpiadi 25: Anthology: Le partnership 2020

The Ruolympics this year blow out their first 25 candles and they do so with two special events, linked to the role-playing community

Also this year at Lucca Comics & Games – Changes edition there will be the Ruolimpiadi celebrating their 25 years with a great novelty, for the first time the Lucca RPG Olympics are non-competitive and are open to all Italian players, even novices. But it does not end there, two major events are expected due to partnership with Players Vs Coronavirus e D20 Nation.

Player Vs Coronavirus | Ruolimpiadi 25

Player Vs Coronavirus born during phase 1 of the health emergency, is a collective of Italian associations which in just three months managed to host more than 100 gaming sessions involving over 200 players. His Masters will lead the game sessions during the Lucca Changes, here are the first dates with the first games organized by the collective:

  • Friday 30 October h.19: you play at Steamdog (game system: Souls and Blood)
  • Saturday 31 October h. 16:30: you play at Mouseguard

Ruolimpiadi 25: Anthology: Le partnership 2020

D20 Nation | Ruolimpiadi 25

I D20 Nation they are the protagonists of the second partnership, they are a point of reference for Dungeons & Dragons in Italy and on their Youtube channel you will find game sessions, tutorials and insights regarding the world of RPGs. During the game sessions at Lucca Changes they will participate in the Ruolympics in a double capacity, there will be a member of the group to do the Master, while a second member will be directly part of the adventure to give a 360 ° D20 Nation-Style experience. The appointments with Henvil, Humberdale, Borraccia and ElGabro are two:

  • Friday 30 October 3pm: session of Lost Requiem of the Frostamiden D&D 5e
  • Saturday 31 October 5pm: session of Awakening Vampires the Masquerade 5e

In addition to these two appointments, Sunday 1 November at 5pm they will also be the protagonists of a special online session of Not The End which is a finalist in the Role Play of the Year 2020. The event can be seen on the Lucca Changes website and will be hosted by Claudio Pustorino, author of the game and member of Fumble GDR .

Ruolimpiadi 25: Anthology: Le partnership 2020

Reference Server and Event Subscription | | Ruolympics 25

All the game sessions of the Ruolimpiadi 25: Anthology you can find them on server Discord at the following link If, on the other hand, you want to register for the events currently available, you must fill out the appropriate form at the following link

Save the date

Sunday 1st November at 11am you are all invited on Lucca Changes channels to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Ruolympics. A panel online in which we will talk about the past and the future of this tournament, the meeting will be moderated by Vanni Santoni (storyteller and role player) who was also asked to write a story to celebrate the first quarter century of the event. Santoni will not be alone, they will also be present with him Omar lombardi, new coordinator of the Ruolympics, and historical players and less of the tournament.

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