Russell Hobbs lancia la colorata collezione di tostapane da non perdere thumbnail

Russell Hobbs launches the colorful collection of toasters not to be missed

Breakfast is a fundamental moment of the day that can influence, for better or worse, all your commitments. Having help that can speed up breakfast preparation is a good way to improve your mood and get off on the right foot. Russell Hobbsa British brand specializing in the sale of small household appliances ideal for food preparation and home care enthusiasts, launches its Color Plus line of toastersavailable in four color variants, with different useful features.

The Color Plus rangeRussel Hobbs’ colorful toaster

The new Russell Hobbs Color Plus toasters are ideal for people who like choice. Thanks to the regulation system of intelligent roasting, it will in fact be possible to obtain toast with a different browning for the whole family, thus satisfying every request and preference.

The wide slots also allow you to heat thick slices of bread, without having to make compromises. Of note is the very rapid cooking, for preparing snacks in record time, as well as the defrost function to be used when you are in a particular hurry: hot bread in just a few minutes even if taken directly from the freezer. With the system ‘lift and look’’ it will also be possible to check the cooking level of the bread, without having to interrupt the preparation cycle and thus identifying the desired cooking.


Russell Hobbs Toaster Colors Available

The colors available in the Color Plus collection of the Russell Hobbs toaster are: Grey, Red, Cream, Black.


The price of the new range toaster is 60,00€ for the public.

Russell Hobbs, what is it

Russell Hobbs is a prestigious British brand specializing in the sale of small kitchen and home appliances. Founded way back in 1952, the company began to make its way into the Italian market only in recent years, confirming itself as a rapidly growing brand, especially in the Food Preparation, Breakfast e Cooking.

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