Russell Hobbs presents SatisFry Snappi, the double basket air fryer

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Following the successful launch of the SatisFry range of air fryers, Russell Hobbs – British brand specializing in the sale of small household appliances, ideal for food preparation and home care enthusiasts – further expands the offer with the launch of the new model SatisFry Snappi with double basket.

SatisFry Snappi: two is better than one, but 2in1 is even better

The distinguishing feature of the new Russell Hobbs model are the two separate baskets that allow you to cooking different types of food, such as proteins and vegetables, in separate spaces. However, this does not mean compromising the capacity of the air fryer and having to contain the amount of food to be cooked: the SatisFry Air Dual Basket model is in fact equipped with a U-shaped connector which joins the two baskets to obtain a single large container (8.5 litres). . The dividers instead allow you to cook separately in the two baskets, for maximum versatility.

That’s why the new air fryer Russell Hobbs SatisFry Air Dual Basket is the innovative tool for cooking your favorite dishes guilt-free, in less time, with minimal cleaning and obtaining tasty and easy-to-prepare dishes.

How air fryers work

The first thing to know is that air fryers they have no limits in the variety of foods that can be cooked. In other words, they are not the “healthy” version of fryers for french fries. Indeed you can cook meat, fish, vegetables and even chips or even lasagna.

The main advantage lies in the reduction of fat intakesince air fryers use little or no oil: the result is a cooking similar to that fried – crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside – but with about 80% less fat.

Russell Hobbs, what is it

Russell Hobbs is a British brand of prestige specializing in the sale of small appliances for the kitchen and home. Founded way back in 1952, the company has only begun to make inroads into the Italian market in recent years, confirming itself as a rapidly growing brand especially in the Food Preparation, Breakfast and Cooking segment.

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