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Russia fines Google $ 365 million for ‘banned’ YouTube videos

The Russia imposed a fine of almost 365 million dollars (over 21 million rubles) a Googlefor not removing videos YouTube declared ‘prohibited’. The public body Roskomnadzor announced that the American giant has not removed content that “promotes extremism and terrorism” regarding the invasion of Ukraine.

Russia: $ 365 million fine for Google for ‘banned’ YouTube videos

Already last March, Roskomnadzor had threatened Google with heavy fines for not removing videos on the conflict in Ukraine. The promised fine was 8 million rubles (about 100 thousand dollars at the time), with the possibility of arrivingand up to 20% of Google’s annual revenue. The 21 million rubles fine commissioned today reflects a fifth of Google’s Russian revenue up to last year.

In May, however, Google closed all its operations in Russia, saying there were no conditions to continue operate in the nation after the invasion of Ukraine. And last month he filed for bankruptcy to end all ties with Moscow. It therefore seems unlikely that Google will agree to pay the penalty, even if at the moment it has not released any official statement on the matter.

Even before the conflict in Ukraine and the subsequent closure of relations, Google and Russia had had disagreements. Last December Roskomnadzor ahad fined Mountain View for failing to remove censored content from the nation: $ 100 million fine.

Google then gradually closed the advertising sales, demonetized YouTube channels supported by Kremlin-related entities and banned access to those channels. All operations taken in compliance with the bans of the United States and Europe against Moscow. Which exacerbated relations with Russia until the final closure of business.

We will keep you updated for further developments of this affair.

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