Sabrent presents the new Rocket 5 Gen 5 SSD with over 14,000 MB/s

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In the last few hours, the Sabrent company has presented its brand new and very fast Rocket 5 Gen 5 SSD with over 14,000 MB/s

Sabrent has worked hard to bring this new product to market. He has worked closely with Phison to develop new hardware, such as the new line of Gen 5 SSDs, which go up to 14,000 MB/s and beyond. The Sabrent Rocket 5 Gen 5 SSD is not only capable of sequential read speeds of over 14,000 MB/s. In fact, it can reach sequential writing speeds of over 12,000 MB/s. Thus surpassing existing PCIe 5.0 SSDs on the market. The Rocket 5 Gen 5 SSD, developed in collaboration with Phison, has exceeded expectations and performance limits. So from become the fastest Gen 5 SSD on the market.

Sabrent presents the new Rocket 5 Gen 5 SSD with over 14,000 MB/s

Details on the new Sabrent SSD Rocket 5 Gen 5

Sabrent’s goal is to improve them and increase performance as much as possible. At this stage, 14,000 MB/s reading and 12,000 MB/s writing were exceeded. The Rocket 5 Gen 5 SSD’s performance in CrystalDiskMark tests is impressive. Achieving over 14,000 MB/s sequential read and over 12,000 MB/s sequential write is a significant achievement. These results demonstrate the potential of the Rocket 5 Gen 5 e SSD set a new benchmark in the SSD market. Another key metric is the random 4K Q1T1 results, where a truly impressive 107 MB/s read and 479 MB/s write were achieved. Not only are CrystalDiskMark results impressive, but we also see this in other benchmarks, such as 3DMark Storage Test, PCMark Storage Tests, Anvil, ATTO, and others.


One of the concerns of users using fifth generation SSDs is that they get very hot and often crash or even crash under heavy loads. Tests show that the new Rocket 5 performs better than previous Gen 5 SSDs. Most motherboards capable of handling Gen 5 SSDs with integrated cooling solutions can handle these new drives without issue.

You don’t need to install the giant SSD coolers which are often used. If desired, an SSD heat sink will be available for systems that do not have a built-in heat sink. Or for use on expansion cards that work in a PCIe slot. We recommend using the Rocket 5 with a heatsink, be it the motherboard’s built-in heatsink or the Sabrent Gen 5 heatsink. This new heatsink doesn’t make a high-pitched whistle and is suitable for these new SSD drives.

And you? What do you think of this brand new Sabrent SSD Rocket 5 Gen 5? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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