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Sackboy Review: A Great Adventure on PC too

In this review we are going to discover Sackboy: A Great Adventure, the exclusive PlayStation recently landed on PC

At PlayStation exclusives coming to PC now we are well used to it. From Days Gone to God of War, passing through Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding without forgetting the next Spider-Man: Miles Morales arriving on November 18th, our library has been enormously enriched with titles we could only imagine playing on PC before. The same fate befell Sackboy: A Great Adventure that we are going to get to know in this review and find out how it behaved on our PC.

A story for everyone

The footprint of the game is purely girlish. This can be understood, as well as from the level design and the really basic difficulty, especially from the story that we are going to live. Our adventure begins in the world of DIY, and more precisely in the village of Bandolo. Here, on a quiet day, the evil one appears Vex that kidnaps all the inhabitants (or almost) to force them to build it Burglara machine capable of unleashing the Ruckus.

Already from these very simple lines you can understand the content of the title, divided into many micro levels connected through a single hub that will take the name of a region of this world. Our aim will be to make our way through this adventure, collect as many dreaming spheres, objects filled with pure creative energy from the magispheres, and defeat Vex once and for all, thus blocking the plans. A very simple story that tends to the hand to a young user or anyone who wants to play safely without making the slightest effort.

A very simple gameplay – Sackboy PC Review

The game looks like a one normale platform 3D, in which we will have to collect objects, defeat monsters and move from platform to platform avoiding obstacles. In short, from the point of view of the mechanics we do not find anything new nor demanding. Nothing that can therefore innovate the genre to which it belongs and that therefore does not leave the path already traced, nor does it try in the slightest.

Obviously this it doesn’t mean it’s a completely useless or boring title. Our adventure will vary slightly in approach based on the world we are in, but in the end it will be just a “jump, run, hit“. This is due to the fact that the title tries to offer great accessibility even to children, simplifying the experience too much to a user who, having grown up with LittleBigPlanet, hoped to relive some more or less similar emotion.

Although it is not a game that then requires such high technical specifications, and being our PC clearly superior to those proposed, however, the game reported some fluency issues. We have often run into the much hated stuttering that honestly we would never have expected from a title like that. This denotes a lack of optimization and, even if we do not know the causes, we can only point it out to you readers. A shame because this affects even more the not exactly idyllic experience.

Sackboy Review: A Great Adventure on PC too

Graphically we expected more – Sackboy PC review

So although there are optimization problems, not even the graphics seem to have been treated that much, at least compared to the PlayStation version. Please don’t get us wrong. On PC you can take advantage of the 4K resolution with 120 Hz of refresh rate, complete with ray tracing e DLSS on Nvidia. However, however, it is precisely the structure of the game itself that, failing to exploit the potential of such a complex machine (and technically more powerful than PlayStation), gives us a graphic almost similar to that of the console.

There is nothing that can bring out the ray tracing, being the title a 3D platformer with a fixed camera that it does not allow to grasp the slightest shades of light based on the angle at which we see it. Also, playing at 120Hz or just 30-40Hz is pretty much the same. This is due to the very low rhythms that live in this title and fail to exploit the potential of PCs and screens in the slightest.

The rest of the technical sector, however, manages to make the experience less overwhelming, thanks to one very nice soundtrack that accompanies our adventure and to the responsiveness of the controls that does not undermine the rhythm, although this is really low. She was The attention to detail of the models is also much appreciated and worlds that, although very simple, fully reflect the DIY style.

Sackboy Review: A Great Adventure on PC too


We have now reached the end of this review regarding the PC version of Sackboy: A Great Adventure and it is therefore time to take stock. As we said, the game is mainly designed to be played even by the little ones. This is understood not only by a very basic narrative style, but also by a completely absent gameplay difficulty.

Although this choice may or may not be shared, the aspect that makes you turn up your nose is like the potential of a PC is not exploited in the least due to entirely questionable choices by the developers. In fact, it will not be possible to see the work done by ray tracing on the various lights present and the 120 Hz refresh rate seems exaggerated for a game with a really low pace. To this are added then really important stuttering problems that fully undermine the not entirely idyllic experience.

In short, we really expected more from this port, especially seeing the price of 59.99 €, slightly high for such a title. That’s all for this review. We remind you that you can buy this title on Steam, but if you want to take advantage of a small discount, we invite you to take a look at the Instant Gaming pages. In order not to miss future reviews from the videogame universe, keep following the pages of everything!

We would have expected more

Points in favor

  • Accessible to all…
  • Model design

Points against

  • … but without any difficulty
  • Stuttering
  • Hardware not fully exploited
  • Prezzo