Samsung accused of throttling on 10,000 apps

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Samsung is at the center of a storm of criticism and controversy on social media, and beyond. The reason? Apparently, some of the company’s smartphones support software that limit the performance of thousands of apps popular. In particular, the problem would seem to arise from the Game Optimizing Service (GOS) from Samsung, which is currently throttling performance by well 10,000 applications. These include popular apps such as Instagram, Netflix and TikTok. But also company applications such as Secure Folder and Samsung Pay. It is a case of App throttling, it is evident. But what does Samsung have to say about it?

Throttling on apps: everyone against Samsung

According to what is reported on the Net, some Samsung smartphones would not provide optimal performance in the use of thousands of known Apps. On the contrary, however, benchmarking apps such as 3DMark and GeekBench seem to have no problems. Which leaves us somewhat perplexed about the actual performance of the company’s phones. While this could simply mean that Samsung doesn’t throttle benchmarking apps. And it was actually demonstrated by a Korean YouTuber. It was enough for him to change the name of the App package to have a drastically lower benchmark score and average frame rate.

At this point, it seems evident that GOS does nothing but limit the performance of some very specific applications. It therefore remains to understand on which Samsung smartphones the aforementioned software is installed. Android Authority reports that they have not found it on the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S20 FE or Galaxy S10E models. Conversely, it seems to be present on the Galaxy S21 Plus. 9to5Google, however, reports that GOS has been installed on the Galaxy S22 Plus. And the same YouTuber, whose video you see above, admits to having tried it on a Galaxy S22 Ultra. In short, whatever the model concerned, it seems that we are facing a case of throttling on the App. Sounds familiar to you? Probably because OnePlus did something similar last year.